Take A Breather: Review These 6 Tips for Successfully Managing Stress

Having a high paying job where you have a heavy load on your shoulders is a big responsibility. By consistently working long hours each week, adding up to 60 hours or more, it can be difficult to keep a healthy work-life balance.

With having so much of your day to day life dedicated to a successful career, it can be hard to find enough time at home to accomplish what needs to be done, all the while being happy and stress free. But we hear you. Below, we have outlined a few ways to save valuable time and how to reduce stress so you can enjoy your life and excel at your job.

1. Create Order

​We know how valuable your time is, so maintaining some order for the little tasks in life can help maximize time. By allowing time for menial endeavors, it will leave more time for having fun with your loved ones.

One way to accomplish this is to order the little things. Planning and preparing meals ahead of time is a great way to maximize your day. By planning out what will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, not only will you save time deciding what to make for each meal, but you will find it will save time at the grocery store also.

Knowing exactly what you need and what you must make each day keeps order and helps eliminate wasted time. Also, for household jobs that must be done keep a schedule. Knowing that the house is vacuumed on Saturdays and dusted on Tuesdays will help space out household chores and prevent you from being bogged down for an entire day. Plus, chipping away at the chores throughout the week will maximize your time to focus on your career and family.

2. Use a Reputable Laundry Service​

Laundry is one of those chores that finds a way to devour valuable time. Using a trusted service, like Red Hanger, can help give you back valuable hours each week. By making around $100,000 each year, that translates to about $60 an hour. Evaluate the cost of our service to the amount of time it would take you to do the work and you will quickly find the value.

Red Hanger laundry service allows you to simply leave your dirty laundry at your front door. We will pick up your laundry and have it cleaned, pressed, and folded the very same day. Plus, it is returned to your front door, saving you time to drive around and pick it up. An added bonus to our service is that you will always look fresh and polished at work which will translate to better performance.​

3. Stay Healthy​

​While it may seem like it takes some additional time to stay healthy, in the long run it will be worth it. Make sure to eat healthy and balanced meals. Of course running to a fast food restaurant for dinner after work will be quicker, but in the long run eating healthy foods will keep your brain sharper and your body in better shape.

This is a perfect opportunity to really act on the meal plan put in place to help eliminate stress. Also, make time for exercise. It doesn't matter if you are running marathons or enjoying nightly yoga, finding time to exercise is pivotal for reducing stress and keeping yourself healthy.

4. Be Social​

​Always make time for family and friends. This is the best way to relieve stress because it allows you to blow off some steam and laugh with the ones you love. Maintaining a healthy social life will help you keep balance and reduce stress. Plus, in a busy work week, scheduling time with friends and family will give you something to look forward to.

5. Enjoy Downtime​

In high paying jobs, it is normal to run incredibly tight schedules. Maximizing time means that you take advantage of each and every extra minute you are allotted in each day. But it is alright to have some downtime, and in fact encouraged in order to reduce stress.

It is perfectly alright to have 30 minutes on the couch doing nothing or to swap out meeting minutes for a book read purely for pleasure. As much as it feels like you have to, you do not need to focus on your career all hours of the day. Finding a bit of downtime, even just 30 minutes will dramatically reduce stress levels and increase your overall health.

6. Know Your Stressors​

Ultimately, it is important to be able to identify exactly what your stressors are day to day and find a way to successfully manage them. By knowing what will cause you stress ahead of time it will allow you to be aware of situations and proactively manage them.

If you know your staff meetings on Wednesday always raise your stress levels, perhaps plan to go to the gym Wednesday after work to run and release some stress. Or, if you know that looking at clutter around the house will cause you stress, make it a point to have the house in order by Sunday night so that you can start your week off well.