Streamline Your Life With a Virtual Assistant

How often do you wish there were more hours in a day than 24? If you're an overly productive professional with an inability to say "no" to new projects than you understand. There are a ton of articles out there on how to self-manage more effectively. However, various efficiency hacks are only going to carry you so far.

What you really need is someone who is in your corner. Someone who will act as a force multiplier for you. An administrative professional can take care of those pesky little tasks which take up valuable time.

You know...those tasks that drain you of energy and do not require any creativity or problem solving on your part. Unfortunately, office administrative assistants also tend to be very expensive.

​The good news is that an alternative to onsite admin assistants do exist: virtual assistants or VA for short.

Here are four reasons you should consider hiring a VA today.

4 Ways to Use Virtual ASsistants

1. Research is time consuming​

Not only is it time-consuming but often times tedious. There are many VAs which specialize in providing business and sales research for their clients. This is a huge time saver for both executives and small business owners. Various specialized tools exist which do market research. Employing a VA who is familiar with such tools will make your work more efficient.​

2. Outsource Your Laundry

How many hours do you spend completing home chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry? Probably too many. A virtual assistant can order meals for you via takeout service or through a grocery shopping resource.

Professional cleaning services can be scheduled by them as well. Use Red Hanger to do your laundry for example! Red Hanger will pick up your dirty laundry, clean and press it, then drop it back off. A VA can handle all of these household logistics, allowing you more free time to do what you want.

3. You're not very good at scheduling​

However, professional VAs excel at setting up their clients' schedules, emailing reminders for upcoming appointments and keeping track of potential scheduling conflicts. Having a VA complete these administrative tasks is a huge time saver for any busy professional.

4. Manage that database​

Don't know what to do with all that raw sales and marketing data you collect throughout the week? Hire a VA to create a database for you. Having all that information stored and organized in one place will free up time during your work day. Also, having someone who is experienced at setting up databases will keep it error-free.​

VAs have been around for a while but as technology becomes better their role is being taken to a whole new level by busy professionals and entrepreneurs. For those who aren't familiar with the role of a virtual assistant, they function as an executive administrative assistant but are not located onsite at your office. Instead, they can be in the same city as you or halfway around the world.

Unlike a traditional administrative assistant, VAs are more flexible in terms of their work hours. Which means you can set their schedule based on your specific business needs. Many VAs are freelancers but large agencies in countries such as India or the Philippines employ armies of them. The importance of a VA depends upon what needs delegating and completing.

​Everyone wants to grow their business while reducing overhead costs these days. A virtual assistant serves as a valuable resource in completing those tasks that don't require your expertise and professional experience. Make sure you research your virtual assistant before hiring that person. This is especially important is you decide to go with a large company. Ask them if you can speak with your assigned VA before deciding. Look for a VA who has specific expertise that will match your business needs. After all, you are going to trust your virtual assistant to complete some important time-saving tasks. Therefore, make sure you choose wisely.