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Dry Cleaning Services Save Time, Money, and First Impressions

Your clothing choices are critical for ensuring that the first impression of you is a good one. People assess your judgment, confidence, ability and even beliefs in the first few seconds of seeing you. Clothing that appears shabby, unkempt or even just rumpled can send the message that you are less than competent, perhaps even lazy.…

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Guide to Dry Cleaning 101

Dry cleaning refers to cleaning clothes without the use of water, hence the term “dry” cleaning. However, while water is not used in dry cleaning, a liquid cleaning fluid is used to clean clothing. The clothing garments are completely immersed into this liquid cleaning fluid. Before you dry clean clothing, you should take a look…

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Dry Cleaning

Most people take dry cleaning for granted and really know little to nothing about what goes on beyond the counter of their local store. You drop your clothes off and drive away. Then, as if by magic, they are returned to you cleaned and pressed a day or two later. The fact is that there…

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