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Top 5 Ways to Give your Wedding Dress a Fairy Tale Ending

You spent innumerable hours perusing wedding catalogs, boutiques, and the internet searching for your ideal dress. Countless attempts were made while trying on a variety of gowns, to be whittled down to your absolute favorite. Then came tailoring the gown to perfection. Your wedding dress is the most important item of clothing you’ll own in…

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Top 5 Essential Tips For Packing Before Traveling

Packing is pivotal before going on a trip. Forget an essential item and you are left stranded and wondering whether you can find a store near you. Also if you pack too much, you may end up disorganized and burden with heavy bags that contains things you don’t need most. Some travelers pack two weeks’…

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Top 3 Tips For Buying Business Clothes

Your appearance is more important than you think. The way you present yourself is the way the world initially perceives you. If your outfit looks sloppy or thrown together, you will give the impression that you are disorganized. If you come to a job interview looking sharp and well-dressed, employers will assume that you are…

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