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How To Clean Fake Leather Couches

Fake leather, faux leather, pleather — regardless of the name you use, this leather substitute lets you enjoy the look of leather without all the expense. To keep your furniture looking fresh and clean, however, it’s critical to know how to handle stains.​1. Always Spot Test​Before using any of the below tips on an actual…

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How To Clean Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers — they save money, and they’re great for the environment, but cleaning cloth nappies takes a bit more effort than just throwing away disposables. Luckily, however, the process may be easier than you think. Take a look at these cleaning tips.​1. Rinse Off Solid Waste​To remove solid waste from the diapers, give them…

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How To Clean White Chucks

Chuck Taylors add a classic appeal and cool vibe to almost any outfit, and white Chucks are especially versatile. Unfortunately, these iconic shoes can also be a breeding ground for stains and dirt. If you want to keep your Chucks gleaming white, check out these tips on how to prevent and remove stains.​1. Be Proactive​Stain…

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