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Top Tips For Dressing At The Office

Dressing well for the office doesn’t have to be complicated. You can take a few simple steps towards transforming your wardrobe and your professional working life. By following these tips, you’ll be cut above the rest: GET YOUR CLOTHES TAILORED FOR THE OFFICE Having a shirt fitted doesn’t cost much, but it makes a huge…

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Dressing Warm In The Winter

Winter Sweater

It’s true, dressing warm in the winter time can definitely be a great hassle at times. The bulky weight of winter clothes tends to make people want to curl up in a ball and fall asleep. Also, it’s super important to keep your core (torso area), head and feet warm which will work together to…

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Caring For Summer Clothes


Caring for summer clothes is super important, especially when you are using specific products on your body during the hot and sunny days. People tend to use seasonal products such as sunscreen and suntan lotion that can believe it or not, can damage your summer clothing. Let’s take a closer look at a few quick…

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Spring Style Trends

spring style

While it’s been a quiet a crazy year for the fashion world, this season has unveiled some seriously bold and stylish spring style trends. For the upcoming Spring of 2022, there’s various style trends to keep an eye on! However, sometimes, finding that perfect outfit that looks and fits perfectly can be a struggle.  How…

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How To Clean Velvet Fabric

velvet fabric

Velvet is a type of fabric that we are immediately drawn to when shopping for apparel. Velvet shirts and dresses are super stylish to wear all year long. However, it’s important to know how to keep your most-loved velvet fabrics clean. Especially if you have a stain on them. Keep reading to learn how to…

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Storage Tips For Summer Clothes

summer clothes

Cooler temperatures are almost among us! Before you know it, it’s going to be time to make some room in your closets for your summer wardrobe. It’s very important to correctly store your summer clothing so that your clothes aren’t damaged for the following summer. Summer clothes are usually made from lightweight, sheer, and more…

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Different Types Of Hangers For Your Clothes


There’s a variety of hangers that you can use when hanging up your clothing garments in your closet. Do you use wire? Wooden? Velvet, or plastic? Or, maybe you have a mix of them all for your clothes! Unless you work in the fashion or retail clothing industry, there’s a good chance you don’t give…

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How To Clean A Suede Coat

Suede Coat

Suede coats are perfect to wear during the cooler seasons. They surely are a fashion statement with their soft textures and luxurious look. Although they can be quite expensive at times, they are definitely more breathable and cooler compared to full grain natural leather coats.  Suede is a more high-quality form of leather, made from…

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How To Care For A Fur Coat

Colorful Fur Coats

Cleaning your fur coat is not always the easiest thing to do. They tend to require a lot of maintenance and that is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. In order to remove stains from a natural fur coat, you should not throw your coat in an at-home washing machine. Although, if…

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Read This Before You Buy Silk Bedding

Silk Bedding

Did you know that silk is a natural product? Silk helps prevent overheating, especially in the summertime. Also, silk provides unmatched comfort for everyone. Maybe you purchased silk sheets in the past and loved them, but can’t seem to find new ones that are as nice? Whether you are a first time buyer of silk…

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3 Reasons To Professionally Clean Your Summer Apparel

Summer Apparel

It’s officially summer time! It’s time to bring all your summer apparel, including dresses, skirts, rompers and jumpsuits back into your closet. It’s important to ensure that your expensive seasonal clothes last until the next summer. The way to do this is by bringing all your summer seasonal garments to a high-quality dry cleaner. Here…

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What You Need To Know About Jeans

No woman wants to walk around wearing a pair of bad fitting jeans. So, what makes a good pair of jeans, well, good? It’s important to understand that not all jeans styles are suited for every single body type. However, purchasing the right pair of jeans will make your body look amazing in every way…

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