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Getting Rid of Stains on Oriental Rugs

oriental rug utah

Area rug + life = StainsWe have all had it happen. You are entertaining guests in the living room with snacks and drinks. You gesture to a friend and inadvertently knock a glass of fruit punch directly onto your area rug. Or perhaps a child drops a popsicle, or the family dog gets sick. Now the showpiece…

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Can I Dry Clean my Tie?

Dry clean tie

A suit or tuxedo really comes together with a tie or a bow tie, especially if the tie is made of high quality fabric. Adding a tie can give a suit an entirely different look based on the color and texture of the fabric chosen. So what happens if you spill something on your tie…

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Summer Stain Tips Part Two: Leather, Pleather, and Canvas

how to clean laces, white chucks, and canvas

At Red Hanger Cleaners, we’ve had decades of experience performing expert dry cleaning as well as wash-and-fold services. It goes without saying that if it can be stained, we’ve probably had to deal with it! When in doubt, it’s always best to educate yourself before you attempt to clean tricky fabrics or expensive items. Read on…

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How to Deal with Common Summertime Stains

getting rid of grass stains slc utah

The “dog days” of summer are here! Hopefully, you and your family have found time to enjoy some outdoor fun in the sun. Prepare yourself for outdoor adventures, yard work, and summer treats with the following tricks to deal with two of the most common summer-activity-related clothing mishaps: grass stains and sweat stains! How to Get Rid of Grass Stains Grass…

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5 Reasons Laundry Service is Worth it

Overwhelmed housewife needs laundry help

1. It’s surprisingly affordable.This is especially true if you’re an apartment dweller or renter who relies on a laundromat. If you compare the typical cost of washing and drying in laundromats, you will find our prices are overall more competitive. Plus, you don’t have to haul your loads of dirty laundry and then hang out…

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It’s July- Does Your American Flag Need Cleaning?

An American flag is not just another piece of fabric, but an object to treat with reverence. Although a properly stored flag should avoid most spots and damage, if you’re flying it outside, inevitably dust and dirt will accumulate. Tradition and etiquette around displaying the flag has a complex story and history. You probably already…

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Wedding Season is Here: Learn How To Preserve Your Beautiful Gown

​Bridal Gown Preservation: A Time-Honored Tradition  ​Did you know that preserving the dress from one of the most important days of a woman’s life began many centuries ago? Specifically, preserving wedding dresses became fashionable in the royal court of England during the height of opulent clothing around the turn of the 19th century. Before that time,…

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Look Sharp with Custom Tailoring and Clothing Alteration

​North Americans as a whole need to embrace having clothes altered to their body. I hear it all the time: why do the Europeans always look so good? They have a relationship with their tailor and spend the time to make their clothes look their best. Michael Kors  Fashion Designer It’s a well-kept secret of stylists everywhere:…

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How To Clean Fake Leather Couches

Fake leather, faux leather, pleather — regardless of the name you use, this leather substitute lets you enjoy the look of leather without all the expense. To keep your furniture looking fresh and clean, however, it’s critical to know how to handle stains.​1. Always Spot Test​Before using any of the below tips on an actual…

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How To Clean Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers — they save money, and they’re great for the environment, but cleaning cloth nappies takes a bit more effort than just throwing away disposables. Luckily, however, the process may be easier than you think. Take a look at these cleaning tips.​1. Rinse Off Solid Waste​To remove solid waste from the diapers, give them…

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How To Clean White Chucks

Chuck Taylors add a classic appeal and cool vibe to almost any outfit, and white Chucks are especially versatile. Unfortunately, these iconic shoes can also be a breeding ground for stains and dirt. If you want to keep your Chucks gleaming white, check out these tips on how to prevent and remove stains.​1. Be Proactive​Stain…

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