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Importance of Cleaning Area Rugs

area rugs

During this time, many people are spending most of their days and weekends at home. Also, many of us are thinking of ways to keep our home as clean, tidy neat and safe as possible. Have you ever thought about deep cleaning your area rug in your living or family room? Yes, spraying disinfectant, air…

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Thomas Jennings: The Man Who Invented Dry Cleaning

Thomas Jennings

Who Was Thomas Jennings? Thomas Jennings was a pioneer in the dry cleaning industry and among several other inventors. In 1821, Jennings became the first African-American individual to become granted with a patent. In the year 1821, he became granted the patent for “dry scouring.” This is a method for cleaning clothes that paved modern-day…

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How To Get Rid Of Static In Your Clothes


Static electricity… we’ve all been there! You know that feeling when you throw an outfit on for the day and all of a sudden a sudden shock nips your finger? Or, those times when you put on your favorite silk or satin blouse and begin to notice the garment sticking onto your body in the…

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Types Of Dry Cleaning Services

suit alteration

The actual dry cleaning process involves the use of specialized cleaning agents and solutions to remove dirt, oils, and stains from your clothing. Professional dry cleaning services here at Red Hanger, provide cleaning for all types of garments. However, keep in mind that the services offered by dry cleaners do not remain limited to cleaning…

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How To Clean Pillows


While you’re probably in the habit of regularly washing your bedsheets and pillowcases or getting them cleaned professionally, you may not pay much attention to what lies beneath; your pillows and your mattress. It’s highly recommended that both need to undergo cleaning at least twice a year. Over time, hair, dead skin cells, body oils,…

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How To Get Rid Of Clothing Moths

clothes moths

Imagine this.. you are getting ready for the day, you open your closet door and pull out your most favorite winter sweater. All of a sudden, you notice a gaping hole in your sweater. Well, believe it or not, this happens more often than you may think. How that hole got there isn’t exactly a…

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How To Protect Your Drapes & Curtains From Sun Damage


Drapery and curtain fabric can be certainly be a very expensive investment. Curtains and drapes are both subject to fading when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Although its nearly impossible to completely stop the deterioration process, you can certainly protect your investment by slowing  down the deterioration process considerably and making your draperies and…

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How To Keep White Shirts White

white tshirt

Plain white shirts… something almost everyone has in their closets. After all, it’s the most versatile item in your closet: Whether you’re using it like it was originally intended — as an undergarment — or styling it out for everyone to see, a white shirt can transition into an off-white, stained tee pretty quickly. Here…

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Have Underarm Stains On Your Shirts?

underarm stains

Underarm sweat stains on your clothing are obvious and quite embarrassing, especially in the summertime. Unfortunately, the stains remain on your garments, unless they are cleaned correctly. Let’s take a closer look at understanding underarm damage to shirts and how they can be prevented.  WHAT IS THE OVERALL PROBLEM WITH UNDERARM STAINS? Underarm stains on…

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How To Iron Clothes Correctly


The guidelines for ironing begin long before you get out the iron and the ironing board. It’s true, ironing is a fairly straightforward process, however it can be somewhat tricky if you’ve never done it before, or aren’t used to doing it on a regular basis. Keep reading to find out the secrets behind a…

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Caring For Your Handbags


When it comes to caring for your belongings, handbags tend to fall off the radar. If you are someone who thinks that purses don’t require any sort of care-taking, think again. In the long run, the wear and tear will become more visible in your purses if you don’t take care of them in the…

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Stain-Free Holiday 2021

holiday celebrations

Stain-Free Holiday Woohoo! The holidays are almost here! With all the excitement, cheer, laughter, food and gifts comes a few unwanted holiday stains on your most-loved garments. We all know how big of a role food plays during the holiday season and stains are bound to happen with all the excitement. Nothing puts a damper…

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