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Look Sharp with Custom Tailoring and Clothing Alteration

Look Sharp with Custom Tailoring and Clothing Alteration

Tailoring & Alterations.

North Americans as a whole need to embrace having clothes altered to their body. I hear it all the time: why do the Europeans always look so good? They have a relationship with their tailor and spend the time to make their clothes look their best.

Michael Kors 
Fashion Designer

It's a well-kept secret of stylists everywhere: a customized off-the-rack piece of clothing always looks better than an expensive designer outfit that fits poorly. Additionally, custom tailoring and alterations is also a great way for those who fall on either end of standard sizes to access more brands, styles. And, cuts of clothing. If you’re looking for a men’s “tailor” in Salt Lake City but want the convenience of our locations, hours, and delivery services, look no further than Red Hanger. Besides expert dry cleaning, pressing, and laundry services, we also offer tailoring and alterations. And, for a good reason! When looking your sharpest counts, ensuring proper fit can make an enormous difference.

so, is custom tailoring AND ALTERATIONS really worth it?

Custom Suits to Look Good SLC

Getting custom tailoring and alterations for your suit or other garment can make a surprisingly large difference in the look and feel of your clothing. Getting slight tailoring and alterations can flatter your body, re-style investment pieces that may look a little old-fashioned. Or, make off-the-rack purchases look more elegant. This last point is especially important if it's your first big job interview. Or, other important events and you're not able to shell out for an expensive suit.

One final point: 

if your body has changed over the years, getting help from a tailor can also allow you to continue wearing expensive pieces that you might otherwise put in the donation pile. Speaking of saving money, have you ever passed by a piece that you love, is on sale, and “almost fits” but not quite? Don’t give up, get it altered!

The tAILORING aND aLTERATIONS take-away:  

A few well-placed alterations are surprisingly affordable and can make you look “like a million bucks.” Even if you had to buy it off the sale rack. Curious what we can do for you? Read more about Red Hanger's alteration services today.

Clothing Alterations: What you Need to know

  • First Rule: Shoulders come first
  • Put your Best Waist Forward
  • It doesn't have to be complicated 

As clothing, fabric, and fit experts, we can assure you that way a suit’s shoulders fit is one of the most critical elements when it comes to first impressions. Depending on the fit, the entire silhouette of a suit will be improved or made to look sloppy, as the eyes are naturally drawn to the head and shoulders first.

If the span is too wide, the suit may hang awkwardly, while shoulders that are too tight will make the sleeves bunch, while restricting movement, too. Altering the shoulders can also allow you to change the type of shoulder pad you’re using, if desired--again, something that has a large impact on the suit’s silhouette. For all of these reasons, getting advice from an expert is crucial, especially if it’s an important occasion and you want to make a great impression.

The bottom line is that, when impressions count, consider our affordable alteration services! Whether your goal is to stay thrifty by repurposing an existing piece of clothing or making sure that a new purchase fits just right, we are here to help all body types look their best. 

Alongside the feeling of putting on a well-cleaned and pressed suit, we also believe that knowing your best suit really does look its best on you just might give you that extra boost you need when it counts the most. Contact us now to learn more!

Are you ready to schedule a fitting or wish to speak to one of our experts? 


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