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Red Hanger's Dry Cleaning Prices

Dry Cleaning Prices and other services at Red Hanger

Most cleaners do not post their pricing. However, we decided to buck the trend with dry cleaning prices. We are the best cleaner in Utah, we lead the industry in convenience and quality. And, we believe that in dry cleaning, as in life, you get what you pay for.

Prices for Cleaning Services

Red Hanger Cleaners is more than a dry cleaner. Also, we care for fabrics such a leather, down, bedding, rugs, shoes, draperies and more. All prices are listed below.

In addition, take advantage of our Loyalty Program for 10% off everything.

Cleaning Services with Loyalty Discounts

All prices are listed below with their associated loyalty discount.
Take advantage of our Loyalty Program for 10% off everything.

Item Starting at Loyalty Program effective price ***
Regular Men's Laundered Shirt $4.35 $3.92
Pants $10.45 $9.41
Shorts $8.90 $8.01
Blouse $10.45 $9.41
Dry Clean Shirt $10.45 $9.41
Pullover-Golf Shirt $7.50 $6.75
Suit (2 pc) $21.65 $19.49
Dress $17.45 $15.71
Skirt $10.45 $9.41
Wedding Gown $197.35 $177.62
Sweater $10.45 $9.41
Jacket $11.20 $10.08
Men's Shoe Shine $10.75 $9.68
Women's Shoe Shine $9.50 $8.55
The Single - 1 Bag a Week $99 / month
The Double - 2 Bags a Week $149 / month
The Triple - 3 Bags a Week $199 / month

Red Hanger Dry Cleaning Pricing and Other Services

Aside from dry cleaning prices, Red Hanger Provides free pick up and delivery for all of our services. To get the most value for your order, sign up as a loyalty member and receive an additional 10% off dry cleaning, bedding service, shoe shine, tailoring, rugs and drapes and many more services.

Now you can place your dry cleaning orders online with free pick up and deliver. Therefore, get started today by creating your profile and scheduling now.

Monthly Subscription for every day laundry, bedding, towels - anything that fits into your laundry bag and can also be machine washed.

Machine washed and returned neatly folded.
And, free laundry bag included.

When you bring your shirts to Red Hanger Cleaners you can count on our experienced staff to determine the best cleaning method for your dress shirt. Moreover, depending on the fabric and care label of your shirt, we will either dry clean or launder your shirt.

Laundered shirts are treated for stains and put into our washers. First, the shirts are removed wet from the washers and put onto our state-of-the-art pressing equipment, which also dries the shirts. Next, after the shirts cleaned and pressed, they go through a detailed quality inspection, including inspecting for any broken or missing buttons, which are then replaced by our on-site seamstress at no additional cost.

Regular Pricing

  • $4.35/ea

Get that phenomenal structured look that frames your features and pairs well with other garments and accessories. Jackets are a statement in and of themselves. Bring them in to get the perfect fit.

Regular Pricing

  • $11.20/ea

Men and women every where are striving for a better fit and feel in their own skin (ahem, clothes). So, stand tall and trust your apparel to speak for you. Furthermore, by bringing your slacks and skirts to Red Hanger you can expect  better than brand new. Thus, dress your best with prefect peats and seams, hemlines and pockets. Free laundry bag included.

Regular Pricing

  • $10.45/ea

Being the best dressed is a matter of perfect lines, perfect pressing, body fit and custom alterations. Also, get that phenomenal body shape that frames your favorite features and lays so perfect and comfortable whether sitting or standing.

Regular Pricing

  • $17.45/ea

Your suit is your presentation. It does not matter if you wear a suit everyday or only for special occasions, the effect is greatly diminished if your apparel does not have perfect lines, perfect pressing and body fit.

Furthermore, get that phenomenal shape - no matter what suit you buy - that frames your features and lays perfect and structured whether sitting or standing.

Regular Pricing

  • $21.65/ea
suit alteration

So many brides leave their dresses unattended after the wedding and are disappointed later to see that invisible stains have crystalized and discolored their dresses, that grime and shoe prints are worse than they remember or that glaring holes and missing beads have rendered their gorgeous investment a total mess.

In fact, if you've come to have your wedding dress cleaned or preserved - no matter how long ago your made your vows - you are in the right place. Red Hanger specializes in fixing all the little problems that arise with wedding apparel both before and after your big day.

Regular Pricing

  • $197.35/ea

Standard shirts with Dry Clean Only in the tag.
Hand pressed and seamless for apparel that is better than new.
And, free laundry bag included.

Regular Pricing

  • $10.45/ea

Innovative performance meets perfect pressing. If you pay a lot for your golf apparel, having them cared for is as important as your swing. Red Hanger cares for your apparel with exclusive focus on the purpose and requirement not only to look great but to set the tone for your day on greens - because sub par is only good in golf.

Regular Pricing

  • $7.50/ea

For feminine and delicate fabrics with or without Dry Clean Only in the tag choose Red Hanger and expect hand pressed and seamless apparel that fits like a well made glove. And, free laundry bag included.

Regular Pricing

  • $10.45/ea

Wool fabrics, knit, cotton or cashmere, never leave your sweater grimy in the closet. Small dirt particles actually rip the fibers and create pilling or balls on the surface of your favorite sweater. Not to mention, the regularity with which folks tend to shrink these items, give your sweaters the care they need at Red Hanger Cleaners.

Free laundry bag included.

Regular Pricing

  • $10.45/ea

Summertime means frolicking outdoors with as few encumbrances as possible. Let us help you pull that off while still allowing you to feel like a respectable adult. For example, your shorts should be light and comfortable enough to throw on right out of bed, but also put-together enough that you can wear them for a garden party or to meet friends for a drink on a hot summer night. In addition, pressed and seamed with perfect lines and fit.

Keep your apparel as long as possible with the proper care. Also, free laundry bag included.

Regular Pricing

  • $8.90/ea

Dainty or bulky, caring for women's shoes is an art form. Your footwear investments should last season after season. Feel confident in purchasing those special shoes knowing that Red Hanger will keep them like new.

Regular Pricing

  • $9.50/ea

You can tell a lot about a person based on their shoes. Feel comfortable with your shoe investments knowing that Red Hanger will keep them like new year after year.

Regular Pricing

  • $10.75/ea