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Pick up and delivery

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WE OFFER FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY | Fast and Easy | 3 Day turn around*

Let us help you save time and get your weekend back. Our pick up and delivery service for everyday laundry is the best way to get your laundry disinfected and sanitized, washed and folded, weekly. In addition, it'll help clean up your house!

Also, this promotion's made possible by the Shop Utah Grant.

How it Works

pick up and delivery process

Latest Technology

Red Hanger offers laundry services for shirts and other “washable” items. Moreover, we do everything right here with the latest in technology.


Although you have the ability to launder many "washable" items at home, they simply look better if they're professionally washed and finished.

Save Time

Lastly, get your weekend back by allowing Red Hanger to wash and fold these items for you.

How to take advantage of Utah's best laundry service.

Red Hanger Laundry Service


1. First, choose a subscription plan

The Single* - One bag a week           $99 a month
The Double - Two bags a week       $149 a month
The Triple - Three bags a week       $199 a month


2. Second, leave your cloths on the doorstep

We'll send you a green Red Hanger laundry bag
(About the size of regular laundry hamper)

Also, we Come by twice a week.

Lastly, put the bag on the door step where it's noticeable from the street.


3. Third, Red Hanger will pick up your clothes

Then, by 5pm, Red Hanger will collect your bag.


4. Lastly, we will drop off your cloths in 3 days

Overall, it takes 3 business days for your clothes to return, WASHED, FOLDED, and READY TO WEAR!

Customers have been trusting us with their clothing since 1961.

We’re Utah’s best and largest dry cleaner and professional laundry with locations throughout Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber counties.  Also, we offer free pickup and delivery service at your home and work throughout northern Utah.

In addition, we are a locally owned family business.

We love living in Utah. Overall, we come to work each day with a two goals in mind: 1) convenience and 2) to make you and your clothes look awesome. Check out our reviews on yelp and google!

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