5 Untapped Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the fastest growing communities in the country for a wide variety of reasons including its diverse communities with bountiful resources and a unique combination of culture between a mountainous region and the desert Southwest. Salt Lake City is home to a myriad of different neighborhoods that each has its unique feel and attitude that both tourists and residents should explore. With this in mind, here are five neighborhoods in Salt Lake City that everyone should be certain to visit.

The Downtown Neighborhood

While most people don't exactly think of "downtown" as an underexplored region of the city, the downtown area of Salt Lake City recently underwent a revitalization. Since the shift, the city has become sparkling clean with all sorts of new and exciting shops, restaurants, nightlife attractions, and curious little cafes that everyone should check out. Furthermore, the downtown scene is constantly rotating between the art galleries, the farmers market, and even the occasional bar crawl. Clearly, downtown Salt Lake City has changed in recent years and everyone should come and see what it looks like now!

Sugarhouse Neighborhood

For people looking for the premier art district in Salt Lake City, this is the place to visit. This is a neighborhood that encourages people to "shop locally" and has an endless array of art galleries, bookstores, and unique boutiques that have quickly given rise to a booming business center in Salt Lake City. In addition to the artistic center, the neighborhood is also home to Sugar House Park which contains over 100 acres of bike trails, lakes, and forests that sit near the Wasatch Mountains. The even has frequent food trucks and music festivals for people in the area.

The Foothill & University Neighborhood

When it comes to unique neighborhoods, few compare to the small college town feel that many cities have. In fact, Salt Lake City has its own college town right in the center of the city called the Foothill neighborhood. This area is home to the popular University of Utah and its 30,000 students that constantly spice up the area. The neighborhood is built for the young and has a large number of clubs, bars, and restaurants that cater to both the undergraduate population and the young professionals who also live in the area.

The Ballpark Neighborhood

The Ballpark neighborhood is also called the Granary neighborhood and is home to a large number of warehouses that have gradually been converted into breweries that abound in the neighborhood. This conversion is perfect because the neighborhood is also home to the AAA Salt Lake Bears baseball team. The neighborhood is also easily walkable, which is key when people are visiting breweries and looking to attend a baseball game. There are also numerous little shops that combine a unique living arrangement with a number of eclectic lines of work that people will find intriguing.

The Fairgrounds Neighborhood

Also called the Airport neighborhood, the Fairgrounds neighborhood is obviously home to the Utah State Fair. This is a first-class fair with all sorts of unique carnival attractions, outstanding carnival games, and some delicious food. When the fair is not around, the neighborhood still plays host to a number of awesome attractions including numerous conventions and various festivals. Just because the fair isn't in town doesn't mean there won't be something fun to do with the convention visitors who are looking to explore the area!

What sets Salt Lake City apart from other cities is the unique mix of cultures that the neighborhoods create. These are only a few of the many neighborhoods that make Salt Lake City the cosmopolitan area that it is. Furthermore, everyone will find something that suits their needs among the many neighborhoods in the area. In fact, most people find multiple neighborhoods with interesting activities for them to enjoy!