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Dry Cleaning

We dress up for the most important events in our lives. What if we dressed up more?

Feel great in your appearance and see the world with new eyes.

We make dry cleaning fast, easy and super hygienic. We clean almost everything but have a look here for a full list.

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Not all fabrics are created equal.

You know, that care label doesn't always tell the truth. Machine wash cold? or Warm with like colors?

40% of care labels have bad information. For best results let us choose from experience.

  • Choose dry cleaning for silk.
  • Choose dry cleaning for wool.
  • Choose dry cleaning for linen.
  • Choose dry cleaning for cotton and denim.
  • Not sure? Just send it in.
    We’ll do what’s best.
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What is dry cleaning?

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Red Hanger Delivery Service

Our most frequently asked questions about delivery service.

Which days are my pick up and delivery days?

Depending on where you live, your service days with either be Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

  • Whatever we pick up on Monday we return on Thursday.
  • And, whatever we pick up on Thursday we return on Monday.


  • Whatever we pick up Tuesday we will return on Friday.
  • And, whatever we pick up on Friday we return on Tuesday.

Do I need a Red Hanger Account?

Yes. So, by creating an account, you allow us to communicate with you directly about the status of your laundry or dry cleaning order.


Create your account now.

How is my account information stored?

All data is encrypted and tokenized using the latest security techniques. And, Red Hanger only keeps a security token on its system and does not keep any credit card data. In addition, all credit card data is stored securely by our credit card processor.

I signed up. When will my services begin?

Once you sign up for pick up and delivery, you will be contacted by customer care to confirm your pick up and delivery schedule. Depending on your address, service starts either on a Monday or Thursday, Tuesday or Friday.


(Note: What we pick up on Monday, we return Thursday and what we pick up Thursday we return Monday. Alternatively, what we pick up on Tuesday, we return Friday and what we pick up on Friday, we return the following Tuesday.)


Thus, if you have additional questions or needs, please reach out to customercare@redhanger.com.

I have an issue with my order. What do I do?

For minor quality issues, such as broken button or missed spot, please contact your store manager to resolve your issues. And, for more complicated issues please email customercare@redhanger.com.

See what folks are saying about us.

Valora Charters

Terrific service 😍

Terrific service, excellent counter staff and Manager. Just what you want from a drycleaner - no hassels...friendly service.
Sydnie Furton

Using Red Hanger for years! 🏆

I’ve been using Red Hanger for years and am impressed with the quality of service, timeliness and low costs to get my dry cleaning done.
Whitney Thomas

Clothes look brand new !

I take all my dry cleaning here. They are so easy to work with and my clothes look brand new after they clean them!
Bill & Joe Team Guido

Designer Duvet dry cleaned! 😎

Large designer duvet dry cleaned and pressed perfectly. I asked for a specific date for pickup and the item was ready three days early! I highly recommend Red Hanger!
Nicholas Hayes

Military uniform dry cleaned

Needed my military uniform dry cleaned. Exceptional service and friendly staff. Definitely using them again in the future. Absolutely pleased with the experience that left me with no desire to go anywhere else.
Leigh Stokes

Reasonable price! 👍

Had a suit dry cleaned, and they were very friendly and super fast for a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend using red hanger cleaners to others.
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