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Which days are my pick up and delivery days?

Depending on where you live, your service days with either be Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

  • Whatever we pick up on Monday we return on Thursday.
  • Whatever we pick up on Thursday we return on Monday.


  • Whatever we pick up Tuesday we will return on Friday.
  • Whatever we pick up on Friday we return on Tuesday.

Who gets Loyalty Credits?

Anyone with a Red Hanger account will receive an email credit when they reach $250 in cleaning fees.

Why do I need a Red Hanger Account?

By creating an account, you allow us to communicate with you directly about the status of your laundry or dry cleaning order.

Why do I have to leave my phone number on file?

When you create your profile, we ask for your phone number so that we can send you a text the night before to know whether or not we should pick up your laundry. It is how you let us know if you need us to stop by. We are always trying to be environmental friendly, so the less driving we do the better.

Why do I need Payment information on file?

By adding your payment information, you not only save time at the register, but also fewer people handle your card, making it a bit more sanitary.

How is my account information stored?

All data is encrypted and tokenized using the latest security techniques.  Red Hanger only keeps a security token on its system and does not keep any credit card data.  All credit card data is stored securely by our credit card processor.

How do I use my loyalty program credits?

Once the credit is emailed to you, you can print, drop off with your order, or even just show the staff on your mobile device

Why is my loyalty credit emailed to me?

The credit is emailed to you with a barcode which is required for our system to correctly apply the credit to your account. At this time, we are only able to apply credits using the system generated barcode.

When should I use my my loyalty credit?

Soon! The credit is non-transferable, must be applied to future orders, and expires 3 months after its issue date. Also, the credit must be used on a single order.

I signed Up, When will my laundry bag arrive?

After you create your profile, expect your laundry bag(s) to arrive within 48 hours. At that point, load up your bag and toss it out on the porch.

What is wash dry fold laundry service?

Red Hanger offers wash and fold services for anything that you don’t need pressed or that does not required dry cleaning, including items such as towels, sheets, anything that can fit into your laundry bag. One way to think about it is do you want your clothes to come back on hangers or not. If so, you should opt for dry cleaning.


Beware! We sort your laundry by color but we assume that if you put it in the green bag you want it washed and folded. Make sure you put your dry cleaning items into your yellow dry cleaning bag.

Stylish woman dancing and jumping on a street agains a red wall

Why should I use a professional cleaner for everyday laundry?

Our commercial grade technology disinfects and sanitizes your everyday laundry like nothing you can get at home. We remove stains, oils, odors and germs while retaining color, shape, size, texture and all the other thinks you love about brand new clothes. It is fast and easy. And with a 3 day turn around, your couch, dinner table or bedroom floor will never be piled with laundry again!

Laundry Service is also a great gift for college students, the elderly, new mothers, bereavement periods and times of sickness. Need to send laundry service to a loved on or a friend? Create an account on their behalf here.




From cleaning shoelaces to mattresses, our knowledge base is full of laundry hacks, helpful tips and full-on secrets.



Red Hanger Cleaners is a locally owned family-run business that is dedicated to the well being of our communities and the well-being of our beautiful Utah.



Red Hanger Cleaners in Utah has exceeded expectations in laundry and dry cleaning for over 40 years.


Great same-day service. I was visiting SLC for the weekend and needed some clothes dry cleaned before traveling for work on Monday. They were very quick and even sent me an email once my clothes was ready to be picked up. A+ all around.
Tyler Mielke
16:51 10 Dec 17
Awesome place. The lady is great! She took care of my velvet tuxedo jacket and didn’t even charge me for steaming it.
Damon DeMarcus
19:08 04 Nov 17
Great experience here with, Tara! She was friendly, knowledgeable and provided a next day miracle. Excellent customer service - thank you again
Jasmin Roe
20:05 18 Aug 17
I LOVE the Red Hanger Cleaners on 700 East. They are my FAVORITE! They always take care of me. 36 hours before my wedding, they rushed my now-husband's tux through so it looked pressed and perfect for our big day. They are always on-time and are often AHEAD OF TIME. I highly recommend them.
Briana Carr
02:14 24 Jun 17
Good prices and they always do a stellar job
James Evans
19:47 18 Oct 17
Tara has been our dry cleaner for years. We love their quality and service. She does a great job on LEATHERS and RUGS. Red Hanger is my Cleaners for LIFE.
Sikandar Sial
14:57 29 Jun 17
I dropped off my Military Honor Guard uniform for a rush clean and press. Tara and her team did an excellent job in cleaning and pressing in short order. I always get the best service from the 700 East Red Hanger location. Keep up the great work, Tara and your staff.
John Stroh
19:50 16 Jan 18
In my experience the quality of both the cleaning and laundry has been outstanding. I suppose that what I appreciate the most is that the manager at this location shows great individual care and customer service. She always greets me by name, shows interest in me, and wants to make that my cleaning needs are being met by her staff. Customer service, I believe, is huge in this business.
Barton Smith
22:03 24 Jan 18
The staff is very welcoming and know me by name. They do a great job on my shirts and pants and the turnaround time is amazing.
Jeff Volimas
20:36 03 Feb 18
They cleaned my wedding dress here! They were able to get it in really close to our wedding date and even remove a mud stain the dress got from our bridal pictures. The manager was friendly and charged a fair price for cleaning. I am happy with the work and my wedding dress is now perfectly clean and ready for our wedding.
Stefania Borisova
17:24 27 Feb 18
Aren't we always on the lookout for nice people? Especially when we are just going about the mundane tasks of life, such as dropping off or picking up dry cleaning. Well I have found a gem over here at RED HANGER cleaners on 700 East in South Salt Lake. Tara is the store manager, and simply one of the nicest people I have met. In addition to this, she takes great pride in her position as store manager, and as a result, will bend over backwards to deliver E X C E P T I O N A L customer service!! Go out of your way to use this location for your dry cleaning needs. Fantastic service, Fantastic person!
Paul Clawson
21:17 28 Feb 18
Tara and her team are the best!! Wouldn't go anywhere else. Not only are they fast and do an amazing job, Tara is so welcoming and truly values her customers. Highly recommend 👍👍
Tommy Freeman
19:09 03 Mar 18
These lovely people take great care of me and my cloths. Really honest and caring. I have had a few times where I have left valuables including cash in pockets and have had them returned. I love using this red hanger location.
Tyson Daniel
02:16 08 Mar 18
WOW! I have worked in the hospitality industry over 10+ years, 5 of those in a luxury hotel, point being customer service is my passion, and my job. Tara has gone above and beyond - 1st, I dropped off my jacket at 1:55p for same day service - after some jovial pokes at making it barely in, sure enough my suit jacket was done an hour early and done well. What truly was above and beyond was to have received a call the next day (wow) to inform me she wasn't 100% satisfied with the long-term underarm wear and she wanted me to bring it back so she could finish the job that couldn't be done in three hours. Exceptional service.
Marissa Clark
17:23 21 Mar 18
I’ve been coming here since November 2016 on a weekly basis. Not all chain dry cleaners are created equal! My business laundry comes back perfectly and I couldn’t do my job without them. Tara the manger is amazing and she deserves a raise!
Jaclyn Easton
17:32 30 Mar 18
Tara and the team are amazing!!!My dog had surgery, got on my white linen sofa and took off his bandage -- getting blood everywhere! 😭First I called Cleanville. They did a horrible job and only set the stain -- making everything worse. Then, I brought it to Tara. She went above and BEYOND to try and fixed what my dog and Cleanville had done. She is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am customer for life!
11:36 08 May 18
Tara is fantastic!!! Goes the extra step of ensuring a good crease in my slacks and jeans. And delivers on time every time. She always greets with a smile and thanks me for using her services.
David Bent
20:04 13 Jun 18
Fantastic customer service. The manager knows me by name. Remembers who I am even though I’m dropping off clothes once a month.
Becky Berry
00:32 10 Jul 18
Well they did a good job on my two coats that I brought in all though One cost $13 in the next one cost $23 and so I didn't know why there was a difference in price but other than that they did a good job just pressing my jackets inside that's all I wanted was to be pressed
Mary Helen Gleason
21:47 23 Jul 18
Quality of the job done well and in a timely manner. About 48$ for two suit jackets, two slacks, one vest and one dress shirt
Trenton Hall
16:04 14 Sep 18
Tara is simply the best and one of the nicest people I've ever met! Highly recommended!
14:36 17 Sep 18
Great service. My husband and I attend a record number of weddings and Red Hanger is always our go-to to make sure our suits and dresses stay in great condition.
Genevieve Easterling
22:59 07 Nov 18
Great place. They dryclean my suits, son's suits and also did my wedding dress. Sometimes the buttons fall off on my son's suit jacket and they always notice and replace for us!! They were able to get all stains out of my wedding dress which was amaxing as I dropped that off 3 months after the wedding. Great customer service.
Jessica Bitwinski
22:41 07 Nov 18
Tara is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been coming to her for about 3 years and I have brought her some tough projects before. She takes the time to communicate with me and she really knows her stuff. She greets me by name and is genuinely interested in my life. She is hilarious and efficient. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my leather or cleaning!
Jenna Tiller
00:36 08 Nov 18
This location is the best! Tara truly cares about her customers and is always friendly! Whether you need something done as a one time thing or are looking to become a valued regular at a dry cleaners, this location is for you!
Susan Yurkhanova
01:31 08 Nov 18
This is an awesome place. Customer service is great and staff are friendly. Thank you very much for such excellent service.
Lyle Alapa
06:44 14 Nov 18
I took the clothes that myself, my husband and son needed for his wedding. You had it done on time and did a great job! Thank you.
Julie Deverall
17:08 12 Nov 18
The best service I have ever experienced. We’re in a bind with a wedding dress and they were able to make it happen Tara is one of the best people to visit when you pick up your dry cleaning
Josh Kredit-Phelps
17:21 14 Jun 19
Great dry cleaner. I've been using it for a few months now and have never had any issues. They charge a reasonable price and have good customer service.
Kimberly Lindberg
17:38 15 Jun 19
Tara is amazing she's a hard worker and she takes the time to know her customers!
Kurt W. Berge
16:37 19 Jun 19
Great service with friendly staff. Highly recommended. Tara does a wonderful job running this operation at sugar house location.
charles rehn
23:43 03 Jul 19
I have been using them for years. They do a great job. The price may be a little higher than competitors but they are reliable efficient and accurate. Also they are very convenient to drop off and pick up on my way to and from work.
Darren Marshall
16:46 09 Jul 19
After my old cleaner shut down, I tried a couple different cleaners. Red Hanger is even better than my old cleaner. If I need things real fast, they will make it happen. I appreciate that after only a couple visits, they recognized me and called me by name. That doesn’t happen much anymore. That kind of service says a lot.
Mike Vielstich
16:51 09 Jul 19
They are always friendly at this location. I have also never had a problem with any of my cleaning. AllThe dry cleaning places in Park City are terrible so I actually drive into SLC to use this one. I highly recommend.
Mark Lopez
19:19 12 Jul 19
The manager Tara is really amazing! Great personal service, always greets me with a smile, and is ever so helpful with my clothing needs - collar needs help? She’s on it! This kind of service and quality (besides good prices) keep me as a very loyal customer! Darryl - Salt Lake City
Darryl High
16:42 19 Jul 19
That is my favorite place, I have ever used. Wow! My clothes, have been beautifully cleaned and quickly. Thirty five minutes to drive there. Worth it!
Les Brooks
16:19 07 Aug 19
This is my new favorite cleaner service. I have way too many clothes and no time to wash them... luckily I moved only a few blocks away so I can keep coming back for all their great service they have to offer 🙂
Mike Salazar
16:56 23 Aug 19
I had never been to a dry cleansers before and the staff was very helpful and friendly. One of my pants ended up having candy stuck on it and they offered to do a wet wash for free to ensure that I had the best results possible. I definitely recommend this location!
Melissa Gonzalez
04:12 30 Sep 19
Tara is the most awesome person alive. I had a fundraiser to get to in a couple hours and she personally rushed a shirt and pants for me. A++++
Dimitri Moumoulidis
20:43 15 Oct 19
Best cleaner in town. Tara is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet! I love going there for both the cleaning service as well as their amazing customer service.
Denny Cushing
23:45 16 Oct 19
My favorite location! Tara and staff have taken great care of me every time I go. They always accommodate any specific needs I may have at any given time. Again, best location!
cmsorangeboy .
15:18 02 Nov 19
Love Tara and the staff. Everyone is courteous and service is quick. My clothes always look great!
Jamie Vanbevers
17:13 13 Nov 19
Red Hanger’s next day service is phenomenal! My clothes have come back expertly cleaned and pressed. The service is excellent. I just dropped off two leather jackets and I received a call the next day explaining the process and giving me a time frame of return. The drive thru service is an option I take advantage of especially during the winter months. Definitely a customer for life!
Cynthia Willis
17:43 30 Nov 19
I brought in three peacoats covered in white dog hair. Got them back a few days later. All spotless. Great service and great pricing.
Andy TFY
20:11 20 Dec 19
Red Hanger is a fantastic dry cleaning service! The clothes always come back top notch! I think the best part about this particular location is the staff. Tara, the manager, is the best around! She always remembers my name and everything that's been going on. I would definitely recommend this spot!
Kyle Clark
17:32 21 Dec 19
I love Red Hanger!!! They are always quick and efficient all while taking great care of the clothes and comforters that I bring in to be cleaned!! I will return and recommend them to anyone looking to have anything cleaned!!!
Heather Garbe
17:10 24 Dec 19
I got lotion on a chiffon evening dress, and Red Hanger took care of it superbly!! I am so grateful! It's the dress for my son's upcoming wedding!!!
Paula Steele
16:12 08 Mar 20
Red Hanger isn’t the least expensive but they are by far the best. My sweaters are always soft, never starchy or stiff, and always folded and hung over pants hangers (not by their shoulders- no one wants shoulder points from being hung that way). Also my comforter is fluffy, fresh and just like new. Actually, better than new 🙂
Rebecca Smyrniotopoulos
18:51 21 Apr 20
The team at Red Hangar have been courteous, thorough and responsive everytime I've needed to visit. Tara is great! I don't know how, but she has remembered my name since the first day I met her. Good people, good service. Plus, they deliver for free!
CJ Knapp
16:46 28 Mar 20
I've taken my dry cleaning here for a number of years, but recently had an excellent encounter at this location. I was unexpectedly called for a job interview the next day and realized that I had *nothing* clean/pressed to wear. Desperate, I took a shirt and some slacks in, which they spot cleaned and pressed while I waited! Their customer service is excellent, they really go the extra mile!
Miles Holland
20:15 21 May 20