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What We Alter

Mending & Alterations

Review our list of Online Alteration Service below.

Red Hanger Online Alteration Services are perfect for garment alterations that do not require a fitting such as:

Mending and Fastenting

Holes in your pockets? No pockets? No Problem!

Hooks, Snaps and Clasps


Shorten the cuff? Or, trim to the knee? You got it.


Take In or Let Out

Too tight in the waist? Big in the leg? Let's tune your figure.

Tapered Legs
Shorten Sleeves
Waistline Update
Collar Fix
Jacket and Skirt Darts
Shirt and Blouse Darts

How Red Hanger Online Alteration Services Work

Stand a little taller with custom tailoring and clothing alterations.

``North Americans as a whole need to embrace having clothes altered to their body. I hear it all the time: why do the Europeans always look so good? They have a relationship with their tailor and spend the time to make their clothes look their best.``

-Michael Kors

So, are custom alterations really worth it?
  • Getting alterations for your suit or other garment will make a significant difference in the look and feel of your clothing.
  • Tailoring and alterations can improve your look, improve your outdated investment pieces that may look a little old-fashioned. Or, make off-the-rack purchases look more elegant.
  • If your body has changed over the years, getting help from a tailor will also allow you to continue wearing expensive pieces that you might otherwise put in the donation box. A few well-placed alterations are surprisingly affordable and can make you look “like a million bucks.”
Get Online Alterations Now

Step 1. Create Your Account

First, once you create your Red Hanger account you can simply add your garment to your Red Hanger bag for altering during your next cleaning order.

Step 3. Add Garment & Notes To Your Order

Finally, attach a note to your garment and add it to your garment bag. Red Hanger cleaners will do the rest! Your alterations will be returned to you in 4 business days.

We Work

We offer the best quality + price across Utah.

Step 2. Decide What You'd Like Altered

Next, alterations can be added anytime to your regular pick up and delivery schedule. Take measurements and leave a note attached to the garment you'd like altered.

Custom Tailoring & Alterations

Custom Tailoring & Alterations

If your body has changed over the years, with custom tailoring & alterations you can continue wearing expensive pieces that you might otherwise put in the donation pile.

Get Online Alterations Now

Red Hanger Alterations

Measure yourself to hem slacks, jeans and trousers.

First, measure the outside seam by starting at your hips and measuring past your knees down to the floor. Keep your measuring tape as close to the leg as possible. Once the tape measure reaches the floor, subtract an inch or two from the total length of the out-seam to account for the shoes.


Then, measure the inside seam. Start as close to the crotch line as possible and measure to the floor. To account for shoes, take the same 1-2 inches off the total measurement as you did on the outside seam.


Make a note of the total length you’d like for both the outside seam and the inside seam.


Measure yourself to alter your skirts.

First, measure your waist following the belt line right above the hips and below the navel.


Then, measure your hips at the meatiest portion of your bum and thighs. Add a finger underneath to ensure your measurement is not too snug.


Lastly, measure your garment’s outside seam by starting at the waist and measure to the current hem. Subtract (or add) the total amount you’d like to hem up (or let out) from the bottom.


Leave a note on your garment with the desired measurements for waist, hips and outside seam.

How to measure your waist to take-in a garment.

First, measure your waist following the belt line right above the hips and below the navel. Add one finger under the measuring tape to ensure the measurement is not too snug.


Then, measure your hips at the meatiest portion of your behind and thighs. Again, add a finger underneath the tape to ensure your measurement is not too snug.


Leave a note on your garment to indicate the total measurement you’d like for the waist and hipline to measure.

What garments can I have altered through this service?

Our online alterations services are listed below:



  • Zipper Repair or Replacement
  • Buttons Replaced or Re Sewn
  • Seam Repair
  • Hole Repair or Patch
  • Pants Pocket Repair
  • Hooks and Clasp or Snap Repair


  • Hem Dress
  • Hem Skirt
  • Hem Pants
  • Hem Jeans

Take In or Let Out

  • Legs Tapered on Pants
  • Shorten Sleeves on Shirt or Jacket
  • Take In or Let Out Sides of Shirt or Blouse
  • Take In or Let Out Sides of Jacket
  • Take Ins or Let Out Waist on Pants or Skirt

How to measure your neck and shoulders for shorter sleeves.

To measure your neck’s circumference, find the spot on your neck that corresponds to the collar. Keep your head in a natural and level position while sliding the tape measure around your neck just below the Adam’s apple. The measurement should be comfortable but snug. Hold one finger under the tape to allow for breathing room.


To measure the shoulder and sleeve length, start by standing straight and relaxed with arms hanging comfortably at sides. Then, find the bump of the topmost vertebra and begin measuring from the center back of the neck, over the shoulder and down the length of the outer arm. Take the measurement down to the meatiest part of the hand.


Take a measurement of both arms and find an average of the two. Leave a note on your garment of the total length you’d like the shoulders and sleeves to measure.

How do you bill for alteration services?

To receive online alteration services with free pick up and delivery, you’ll create an account with Red Hanger Cleaners. Your alterations will be billed after the service is rendered on your next billing statement.

Do I need to be a Red Hanger Member?

Yes. This allows us to have your member profile in our system as well as communicate with you about your alterations.


The good news is that you’ll receive an effective 10% off every time you reach $250 in cleaning or alterations services.

How long do alterations take?

Alterations typically are returned in 4 business days.

Who is the tailor?

Red Hanger Cleaners is proud to partner with Robert’s Tailors.

I signed up. What now?

Now that you’ve signed up as a Red Hanger Member, simply add the garment you’d like altered with a note to your garment bag for your next pick up and delivery.

How do I get free pick up and delivery of my alterations?

Free Pick Up and Delivery is available for all our customers all of the time.


Create your account now.

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Duane Benson

These guys are awesome. 😍

These guys are awesome. I was in urgent need of an alteration in short notice. I called a dozen cleaners and Taylor's. Nobody was flexible till I found these awesome people. These sweet ladies took care of me and I made my deadline.
Kristie Carlson

Quality, speed and great customer service!!! 🏆

We have used Red Hangar both for dry cleaning and alteration services for years. We won't go anywhere else. Quality, speed and great customer service. Love and highly recommend.
Bruce Jacobson

Fantastic job at Alterations and Mending! 💪

Red Hanger in North Ogden is the best place to take your clothing to . Lu does a fantastic job at alterations and mending. The dry cleaning side always does a great job. Quick and friendly service.
Bryan Pearson

Alterations they did were perfect!! 😎

Always on time for me, quick service, and the alterations they did were perfect.
Kimberli Fedak

Senior Analyst

Excellent team!! 🤗

I brought my husband's jacket here for alterations. they were quick & friendly!
Andrea Bracken

Nice job!! 👍

I use them for dry cleaning and alterations they do a great job!
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