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Commercial Laundry Service

From our experienced laundry staff members and drivers, to our management team, Red Hanger's Commercial Laundry Service provides laundry services for your business, industry, or organization.

If your business has specific or unique laundry needs, contact us today to hear how we can make your life easier.

Commercial Laundry Service

Commercial Laundry Services For Businesses

Commercial laundry service is the perfect choice for schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitality, nonprofit organizations and medical businesses.


Band uniforms, choir robes, graduation gowns and banquet tablecloths are among the items that Red Hanger can help your educational organization save time & money on with our commercial laundry service.


Hotel Laundry Services are an essential aspect when it comes to providing professionally cleaned bedding, linens, towels, tableware, robes, etc. for hotel guests. Commercial laundry service is paired with free pick up and delivery services.


A linen and tableware cleaning service is essential for every restaurant business. Through Red Hanger's commercial laundry service, we are able to clean table linens, table napkins, tablecloths, tableware, restaurant curtains, chef aprons and much more.


Airbnb landlords are just one example of a hospitality business that can benefit through Red Hanger’s Commercial Laundry Service. We offer commercial laundry service including washing, drying, folding, and delivering clean linens to appropriate locations.


Nonprofit organizations such as Churches, Temples, Synagogues and more can greatly benefit through the use of Red Hanger's commercial laundry services. We professionally clean choir robes, pastoral robes, baptism towels/sheets, religious clothing and much more.


Red Hanger provides commercial laundry services for clinics, hospitals, dental offices, spa businesses and more. We professionally clean bath blankets, bath towels, washcloths, surgical towels, janitorial supplies, patient gowns, napkins and other related linens.

See what folks are saying about us.

Cal Neerings

Clean Bed Linens 😍

We use them for bed linen service all the time. They are so good we bring our sheets up from St George to have them cleaned too.
Robin Crook

Clean Linens

We have used them for years for all of our clothing and linens dry cleaning. The service is fantastic. Friendly and helpful.
Wesley Walker

Stain Removal

Very friendly and professional. They did a great job cleaning my item and removing a stain I didn't think was possible.
Annie Smith

Fresh Bedding Items😎

All my bedding items including my pillows were returned fresh & smell amazing!
Carl Grey

Excellent team!! 🤗

Besides the quality service, I love the fact they call me by name every time I show up! Your people are great!
Gina Barnson

Nice job!! 👍

Always warm and friendly. Very quick, and excellent quality work
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