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Bedding Service

Did you know bedding gains a pound of human dander every year? Our machines remove more than surface dirt to get out the nitty-gritty.

Go to sleep with that all-is-well feeling.

What We Clean

  • Blankets
  • Comforters
  • Pillows
  • Duvet Covers
  • Afghans
  • Cotton, Silk and Satin Bedsheets
  • .. and so much more.
Bedding Service
Why you should choose Red Hanger to clean your bedding:

Let's give your bedding a longer life! Bedding cleaning services done professionally on a regular basis extends the life of your bedding investment.

Good sleep is your super power. Getting it will transform your life.

  • Do you have custom made bedding? We got you. We are experts in cleaning high-end comforters, duvets and bedspreads — especially if your bedding is dry clean only.
  • Our washer is bigger than yours. Just because you can jam your comforter into your washing machine, doesn’t mean its going to get clean. There has to be plenty of room for it to agitate. Our commercial sized washers are designed specifically for large bedding, and our detergents target the body oils you’ve been smearing into your bedding for years.

Hotel Style Sheets In Your Home

  • Hotel sheets are pressed and starched to make them feel so amazing. Enjoy the same feeling in your own bed for a great nights sleep week after week.

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See what folks are saying about us.

Cal Neerings

Clean Bed Linens 😍

We use them for bed linen service all the time. They are so good we bring our sheets up from St George to have them cleaned too.
Robin Crook

Clean Linens

We have used them for years for all of our clothing and linens dry cleaning. The service is fantastic. Friendly and helpful.
Wesley Walker

Stain Removal

Very friendly and professional. They did a great job cleaning my item and removing a stain I didn't think was possible.
Annie Smith

Fresh Bedding Items😎

All my bedding items including my pillows were returned fresh & smell amazing!
Carl Grey

Excellent team!! 🤗

Besides the quality service, I love the fact they call me by name every time I show up! Your people are great!
Gina Barnson

Nice job!! 👍

Always warm and friendly. Very quick, and excellent quality work
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