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Red Hangers strives to provide more value to our customers through our mobile app. Overall, our app provides instant access to your personal Red Hanger Cleaners account and customer information. Thus, this gives you the ability to track your orders, view your cleaning history and receipts, and much more! Also, you have the ability to schedule a free on-demand route pickup or simply let the store know that you will grab your items-all with the push of a single button. In addition, the Red Hanger Cleaners mobile app will even notify you when your order is ready for pickup. And, pass along any special information or promotions.

Features listed below are subject to specific operating policies of your Dry Cleaner:

  1. Track your app orders in process and view past order history, and receipts.
  2. Request a free On-Demand route pickup.
  3. Notify the Red Hanger Cleaners store that you are on your way to pick up your ready orders. They’ll pull and have them available when you walk in.
  4. View your customer account information, including your contact information, payment methods, cleaning preferences, etc.
  5. Quickly contact Red Hanger Cleaners by phone or email and access their website all directly from your device.
  6. Receive automatic notifications when your orders are ready for pickup, complete with order count and descriptions.
  7. Refer a friend and receive credit towards your next cleaning service.


  1. First, in your account, request a mobile app invitation code
  2. Then, download the app via the following links:
    1. Apple itunes
    2. Google Play
  3. Next, login to the App with your customer login info
  4. Afterwards, type in your Mobile App Invitation Code
  5. Lastly, for questions call 801-449-9300

Red Hanger App

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