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Everyday Laundry Service

You’re done with laundry!

Red Hanger’s wash & fold laundry service is an easy choice and the perfect gift. Get even more value with subscription laundry service which includes free pick up and delivery. 

See how much time you spend doing laundry.

What We Clean

  • Athleisure and Sportswear
  • Pajamas, Socks, Undergarments
  • Denim and T-Shirts
  • Anything you throw in your washer
Everyday Laundry Service
laundry service
Red Hanger Everyday Laundry

With Red Hanger Laundry Service, you can completely remake your schedule. You'll have plenty of time on your hands & always have something to wear 🙂

Red Hanger is all about convenience.

You don't want to lug your laundry bag to the cleaners? We pick up your laundry right from your doorstep twice a week. Plus, pickups and deliveries are always free.

So, is laundry service really worth it?

  • Red Hanger Laundry Service is surprisingly affordable. View pricing ➔
  • With Red Hanger Laundry Service, you’ll save so much time. See how many hours ➔
  • Hate sorting, processing, folding and wrinkles? Count on us to worry about that.
  • Clear eyes, full hearts and clean clothes, you can’t lose.
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Wash & Fold Laundry Service

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Red Hanger Laundry Service

Shirt Laundry or Wash, Dry, Fold? Learn the difference to get the most out of your account.

What is Wash & Fold Laundry Service?

Red Hanger offers wash and fold services for regular everyday laundry – anything that you don’t need pressed or that does not required dry cleaning – including items such as towels and sheets, anything that can fit into your laundry bag. One way to think about it is do you want your clothes to come back on hangers or not. If so, you should opt for dry cleaning.


Beware! We sort your laundry by color but we assume that if you put it in the green bag you want it washed and folded. Make sure you put your dry cleaning items into your yellow dry cleaning bag.

So, what is Executive Shirt Laundry?

Shirt Laundry includes washing and pressing of cotton or mostly cotton button down shirts. These shirts are pressed differently from silk or rayon. The service also includes button inspection and free replacement of broken buttons.

What is Everyday Laundry Subscription Service?

Laundry Subscription Service is a separate service from traditional services such as dry cleaning or cleaning of specialty fabrics. It includes regular everyday laundry or anything you wash at home.


While our traditional services are charged per piece, Laundry Service is billed as a monthly subscription which is based on how may laundry bags per week you’d like Red Hanger to wash, dry and fold for you. Of course, with free pick up and delivery.

View a full list of services with their prices here.


NOTE: We sort your laundry by color but we assume that if you put it in the green bag you want it washed and folded.
Make sure you put your dry cleaning items into your yellow dry cleaning bag.

How can everyday laundry service make my life more simple?

Our commercial grade technology disinfects and sanitizes your everyday laundry like nothing you can get at home.


We remove stains, oils, odors and germs while retaining color, shape, size, texture and all the other things you love about brand new clothes.


It is fast and easy and with a 3 day turn around, your couch, dinner table or bedroom floor will never be piled with laundry again!


Laundry Service is also a great gift for college students, the elderly, new mothers, bereavement periods and times of sickness. Need to send laundry service to a loved one or a friend? Create an account on their behalf here.

How many laundry bags should I get on subscription?

Each bag carries about 3 standard loads of laundry. If you have a small washing machine, this could be as many as 4 loads. If you have an extra large washing machine, this might be closer to one and a half loads. To decide how many laundry bags you need, consider the type of laundry your are washing. Sheets or towels take up more space than whites or colors.


Also, consider how many people we are washing for 1 bag per week should be suitable for 1-2 people on a weekly basis. If you have family, consider 3 bags per week.

I signed up. When will I receive my bags?

After you create your profile, we ship out your laundry bags asap. Once you receive them, load up your bag(s) and toss em out on the porch for your next pick up and delivery day.

I am already a customer, do I also get everyday laundry automatically?

As a customer you can always send everyday wash & fold laundry and you will be charged per pound. Or, with everyday laundry subscription service you’ll received reduced pricing and automatic, monthly billing.

See what folks are saying about us.

Brad Wiggins

Looking Great 😍

I used Red Hanger for some shirt laundry. They came back looking great. I will definitely use them again.
Jan Bradshaw

Great service!! 🏆

Love that they pick up your laundry and deliver a few days later for no extra charge! Great service!!
Todd Thomson

Top tier! 💪

Top tier dry cleaning and laundry service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the SLC area. Always pleased as a customer!
Paul Hackley

very well organized! 😎

I was able to see part of their laundry processes and was really impressed with the employees and the care they showed for each item they cleaned. They were very well organized and paid attention to detail for the items I had laundered. I will definitely use them as my laundry and dry cleaning service from now on!
Ciera McCausland

Recommend this Company!! 🤗

I couldn’t recommend this company more! We use there laundry pick up services regularly and Trista is amazing to work with. I’ve now talked my boss into utilizing them because I’m such a fan!

On time and done Well! 👍

My cleaning and laundry has always been done on time and done well. The one time my French cuffs were ironed upside down they were redone cheerfully. Also you are conveniently located!
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