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Loyal customers receive a $25 coupon every time they spend $250.

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How Our Loyalty Program Works

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Red Hanger's Loyalty
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Red Hanger Loyalty Program

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What is your Loyalty Program?

The Red Hanger Loyalty Program is a way for you to get and effective 10% off by receiving a $25 coupon every time you spend $250. The Loyalty Program features contactless pay, online ordering, free pick up and delivery and other perks.


Create your account.

Who gets Loyalty Credits?

Anyone with a Red Hanger Account or anyone on our current pick up and delivery route with payment information on file will receive an email credit when they reach $250 in cleaning fees.

Why do I need an account to be on the Loyalty Program?

By creating your account, you allow us  to communicate with you directly  about  the status of your laundry or dry cleaning order.


Also, our customer management system requires us to email your credit because redeeming the credit requires a barcode.


Lastly, by adding your payment information, you not only save time at the register, but also fewer people handle your card, making it a bit more sanitary.

How do I receive my Loyalty Credits?

Once the credit is emailed to you, you can print and drop it off with your order, place it in your delivery bag, or even just show the staff on your mobile device.

  • Note: Our system requires a barcode to apply your credit.

When should I use my Loyalty Credit?

Soon! The credit is non-transferable. It must be applied to future orders, and expires 3 months after its issue date.

Why do you need my mobile number?

We send messages related to your order via text message. Our route customers receive text messages the evening before asking about your cleaning needs for the next day. Responding to the text is the easiest way to schedule your pick up.

Is Laundry Subscription Service included in the Loyalty Program?

No, the Laundry Subscription Service does not go towards the Loyalty Program.

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