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Loyalty Program


You always get free pick up and delivery. But, by joining the loyalty program, you get so much more.


In addition to laundry and dry cleaning, we also clean rugs, drapes, bedding, shoes, floor mats, purses, leather, furs and preserve fine apparel.

At Red Hanger Cleaners, you get so much more!

  • Get 10% Off regular pricing
  • Instant notifications when order ready
  • Free Pick Up and Delivery


  1. Create your Loyalty Profile*
  2. Then, get a $25 credit for every $250 spent at Red Hanger.
  3. Lastly, enjoy Free Pick Up and Delivery!
  • Remember: If you are already a Red Hanger Customer, that's ok!
    Create your loyalty profile now and we will combine your accounts.
be free

Frequently Asked questions

How Do I use my Credits?

The credit will be emailed to you. Then, you can print and drop it off with your order. Or, even just show the staff on your mobile device.

  • Note: Our system requires a barcode to apply your credit.

When should I use my credit?

Soon! The credit is non-transferable. You must apply the credit to future orders. And, the credit expires 3 months after its issue date. Also, you must use the credit in single order.

Who gets Loyalty Credits?

Anyone who is part of our loyalty program or currently on  pick and delivery route with payment information on file are automatically eligible for credits.

Why do I need an account to receive my credits?

By adding your email, you allow us  to communicate with you directly  about  the status of your laundry or dry cleaning order.

Also, our customer management system requires us to email your credit because redeeming the credit requires a barcode.

Lastly, by adding your payment information, you not only save time at the register, but also fewer people handle your card, making it a bit more sanitary.

Well, how is my credit card stored?

The data is encrypted and tokenized using the latest security techniques. Also, Red Hanger only keeps a security token in its system and does not keep any credit card data. Thus, all credit card data is stored securely by our credit card processor.

Red Hanger's Loyalty Program Explained

Dan Hemmert of Red Hanger Cleaners explains the loyalty program in 2 minutes.

Loyalty Program Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm here inside one of our Red Hanger stores to talk to you about our loyalty program.

We have a lot of customers asked about this program. From, how do I sign up to how does it work. So, I'm going to try to make this short video to answer those questions.

1. If you sign up for a loyalty program you get an effective 10% off our retail pricing. Now, why do I say effective? Because the mechanics of how the program works are every time you spend 250 dollars with Red Hanger, you get a $25 coupon emailed to you. Also, you can use your coupon for anything! Now $250 $25 that's 10% so you get 10% off our retail pricing as a loyalty program member.

Loyalty Program Sign Up

2. So how do you sign up? Well, you can come into any Red Hanger store or can call the office and basically just say, "I want to be on your loyalty program".

What you'll need to do is give us your email address so we can email you the the coupon back and you need to put your credit card on file with us. Putting your credit card on file actually makes both of our lives a little bit easier. It's encrypted in our system. We don't keep the number anywhere in our system. It's off with our processor. But, what it means is we bill you automatically as soon as you pick up your clothes. You don't take your wallet out and it saves customers on average about 30 seconds. I know that doesn't sound like a lot. But, I'll tell you when you don't have to take your wallet out you'll notice the difference. In addition to this, you also are eligible to be part of our free pickup and delivery program where we come to your house you don't have to come to us it's totally free twice a week. You get a free bag to put your laundry in and put it out on your porch.

In addition, a lot of people don't know we clean a lot more stuff than just suits and shirts and dresses. We clean bedspreads, linens. In your bed you can sleep in your bed like you're in a hotel. We clean tablecloths. We do wedding dresses. Also, we do formal gowns. We will shine your shoes and repair your shoes. We do a lot of stuff and some customers will wait till they get this coupon once they have that coupon they'll send in a larger item like a bedspread or whatnot.

Anyways, hopefully this answered your questions about our loyalty program. Hopefully you sign up and look forward to seeing you at Red Hanger.


Furthermore, from cleaning shoelaces to mattresses, our knowledge base is full of laundry hacks, helpful tips and full-on secrets.



Overall, Red Hanger Cleaners is a locally owned family-run business that is dedicated to the well being of our communities and the well-being of our beautiful Utah.


First, convenience to our communities.

Second, loyalty to our customers.

Third, care for our earth.