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Pressing & Finishing

You’ll stand a little taller when your apparel is pressed by a 30 year veteran.

It’s true. A lot of what we clean can be cleaned at home. However the expertise really comes in on the pressing.

We Promise

  • Clean & Fresh Clothes
  • Finished by Hand
  • Done on Time
  • No Damaged or Missing Buttons
Pressing & Finishing
pressed shirt

We press millions of pieces each year
and are relentless in ensuring that you look your best.


Wedding Gowns


Suits & Ties


Slacks and Skirts


Blouses and Button Ups
Utah’s Best Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service. Do you have any questions? Just contact us.
How Pressing & Finishing Service Works

Finishing each piece by hand is where we spend most of our time. Don't believe you'll look better in a professionally pressed garment? We challenge you to an iron-off.

“I put my pants on just like the rest of you — one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on and well-pressed, I make gold records.”

—Bruce Dickinson

Turn your everyday wardrobe into golden opportunities.

  • You have 7 seconds to make a first impression.
    Make the most of it. You’re going places.
  • There’s nothing like that fresh-pressed feeling.
  • Honor your body and mine. You’re worth it.
  • You can’t give it the same finish at home that we can give it.
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Be out there - looking great, feeling great and making great things happen.

What's the difference?

Good Cleaner vs Bad Cleaner

The difference between any good cleaner and any crappy cleaning is spotting and finishing.

If you watch a presser press a suit jacket and roll the lapel, its awesome. Especially if that person has rolled 1000s of lapels.

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See what folks are saying about us.

Valora Charters

Terrific service 😍

Terrific service, excellent counter staff and Manager. Just what you want from a drycleaner - no hassels...friendly service.
Sydnie Furton

Using Red Hanger for years! 🏆

I’ve been using Red Hanger for years and am impressed with the quality of service, timeliness and low costs to get my dry cleaning done.
Whitney Thomas

Clothes look brand new !

I take all my dry cleaning here. They are so easy to work with and my clothes look brand new after they clean them!
Bill & Joe Team Guido

Designer Duvet dry cleaned! 😎

Large designer duvet dry cleaned and pressed perfectly. I asked for a specific date for pickup and the item was ready three days early! I highly recommend Red Hanger!
Nicholas Hayes

Military uniform dry cleaned

Needed my military uniform dry cleaned. Exceptional service and friendly staff. Definitely using them again in the future. Absolutely pleased with the experience that left me with no desire to go anywhere else.
Leigh Stokes

Reasonable price! 👍

Had a suit dry cleaned, and they were very friendly and super fast for a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend using red hanger cleaners to others.
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