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Winter Laundry; Don’t get Buried in an Avalanche

Winter brings snow, sleet, and piles of wet, soggy laundry. A quick walk to the mailbox can yield a heap of wet socks, drenched jeans, and soaking shirts. While some of us might be tempted just to shove all this extra laundry under the bed (not that we would…for shame…), wintery dirty clothes don’t have…

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Properly Cleaning Your Ski & Snowboard Clothing

As we pass the half way point of Spring, it is safe to say that the ski and snowboard season has come to an end. Even for those lucky enough to catch a few spring weekend day runs at Snowbird or Alta here in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, it is now time to say good…

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How To Clean Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks let you take a little of the comfort and breezy freedom of the 70s with you. However, these supportive, low-fuss shoes can sometimes get a little dirty. Although you don’t want to toss your beloved Birkenstocks in the washing machine, cleaning them is easy with a little patience and the right tools.Cleaning Suede BirkenstocksSuede requires a gentle…

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How to Clean Dried Urine from a Mattress

Some time ago, someone, human or pet, had an accident on one of your mattresses. You just discovered the evidence of this accident, long after the urine dried up. You don’t have to put up with the stain or odor just because it’s old. Use household cleaners or products made to remove and neutralize urine…

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How To Clean A Sheepskin Rug

A genuine sheepskin rug can be a beautiful accessory to your home and interior decorating style. Many families who have invested in sheepskin rugs find that these luxurious rugs get handed down as family heirlooms. If you make the investment you are going to want to take the proper care of your rug. Unless you…

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What You Should and Shouldn’t Dry Clean

Because the dry cleaning process is different from washing laundry in a regular machine, it’s important to know what pieces of clothing actually need to be dry cleaned and what pieces can just be washed at home.Sometimes it’s easy to tell which pieces of clothing need to be dry cleaned and which pieces of clothing…

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How to Take Care of Down Comforters & Jackets

How to Clean Down

Cold weather is here, so it may be time for a refresher on how to properly take care of down blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, and jackets. Did you know that good maintenance and storage are essential to prolonging the life of these cozy (and often expensive) items? Read on to learn about how, why, and when…

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How to Care for Wool, Merino, and Cashmere

SLC wool cleaning

Cool weather is on the horizon, and many of us are switching out our summer dresses for winter wear. Wool is an ancient cold-weather staple, but newer milling techniques mean that we’ve come a long way from scratchy, rough sweaters socks, and hats. Since high-quality wool garments are often expensive investment pieces,  make sure that…

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The Two Most Difficult Types of Stains According to Consumer Reports

help with cloth diapers SLC

At Red Hanger Cleaners, we’ve had been working with Wasatch Front families and professionals to dry clean and perform wash-and-fold services for over 40 years! We are fairly certain that we’ve seen every possible type of stain there is, and we’re glad to share our experience. Before trying to tackle tough stains, especially on potentially sensitive…

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Getting Rid of Stains on Oriental Rugs

oriental rug utah

Area rug + life = StainsWe have all had it happen. You are entertaining guests in the living room with snacks and drinks. You gesture to a friend and inadvertently knock a glass of fruit punch directly onto your area rug. Or perhaps a child drops a popsicle, or the family dog gets sick. Now the showpiece…

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Can I Dry Clean my Tie?

Dry clean tie

A suit or tuxedo really comes together with a tie or a bow tie, especially if the tie is made of high quality fabric. Adding a tie can give a suit an entirely different look based on the color and texture of the fabric chosen. So what happens if you spill something on your tie…

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Summer Stain Tips Part Two: Leather, Pleather, and Canvas

how to clean laces, white chucks, and canvas

At Red Hanger Cleaners, we’ve had decades of experience performing expert dry cleaning as well as wash-and-fold services. It goes without saying that if it can be stained, we’ve probably had to deal with it! When in doubt, it’s always best to educate yourself before you attempt to clean tricky fabrics or expensive items. Read on…

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