A Beautiful Mountain Vacation: Park City

Are you looking for a good visit to somewhere nice and close to Salt Lake CIty? Salt Lake City and Park City are only a few miles from one another, and the mountains of Park City are beautiful this time of year. In January, why not think about traveling to Park CIty, Utah, in this beautiful state, for a few days with your family? You're sure to love the scenic route, and we bet you'll find plenty to keep you occupied while you're there.

If you're looking for things to do in Park City, here are three things that you can surely rely on to keep you busy for a weekend.

Heber Valley Railroad

Heber Valley Railroad is one of the oldest trains in Utah at one hundred years old. This train ride will give you beautiful views: you'll get to see the Wasatch Mountains, and you'll also get to see Provo Canyon. You'll love that you can take scenic rides, and you can also take a dinner train, where you eat on board and make sure to enjoy the scenery at the same time. This train ride is great for all ages, and it's a perfect traveling adventure for you and your family to go on while you're in Park City.

Utah Olympic Park

Don't forget that Utah has a history of the Winter Olympics right in Park City! Utah Olympic Park, is also an Olympic training site, made to give you hours of fun as you seek to go for the gold (and the gusto). You can participate in numerous activities, including Bobsled, Alpine Slide rides, and Zipline, and you'll love the Adventure Courses. There is even a Drop Tower that you can participate in. There is also a Freestyle Aerial show that you can catch while you are there, and you will be sure to fill up your day with all kinds of fun adventures that you will take back with you. Also, the park has free admission! What more could you want?

Swaner Preserve & Ecocenter

Don't forget about the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter! This is one way to really get in touch with nature this January, in a pristine environment that is made for preservation and beauty. This is a 1,200 acre nature preserve, and there's also a 10,000 square foot building with interactive computerized displays that show you everything you want to know about the environment around you. There are all kinds of things offered, including nature tours (every week), and you can also view the wildlife while you're there. If your kids have a good time, they can go back for summer camp, too! You can also bike, hike, or snowshoe on site.

As you can see, these things can keep you plenty busy in Park City. Park City is just a stone's throw away from Salt Lake City, so, if you're ready, you can get there quickly and see some beautiful nature while you're at it. It's the perfect place to visit to make sure you get to experience all that Utah has to offer in January. Be sure to book your trip on your calendar, and see what all you can learn about Utah on your adventure over the mountains. We bet you'll love it, and that you'll be sure to want to return again and again.