4 Things Every Professional Should Outsource

4 things every professional should outsource

How efficient are you with your time? If you are like most professionals, you're probably wasting time on too many stressful tasks that you're very poor at completing. That time you are losing can be put to much better use. This no longer has to be an issue. Due to technology, any professional can hack their daily to-do list in order to become more efficient and truly get things done.

Are you the kind of person that should outsource your life?

People are working longer hours more than ever but there are still only twenty-four hours in a day. On top of work, we all need to manage our personal lives and our households. For many of us, our time is literally worth money. If you're a high earner, all those little chores and household tasks are costing you serious money per hour. Ultimately, outsourcing simple tasks will save you money in the long run.

On embracing this type of mindset, Tim Ferris lifestyle guru and author of The 4 Hour Work Week and Tools of the Titans states:

"Not only will you have much more time and attention to spend on revenue-generating activities, but you’ll get greater enjoyment from what you have and experience."


People who want to live successful lives (whatever that looks like to them) outsource all those basic, time-consuming tasks. If you wish to try this lifestyle for yourself, here are a few services you need to check out.

4 Things To Outsource For Professionals

1. Errands

No one enjoys running errands but they need to get done. Some are very simple and take very little time, such as getting cash from an ATM. Other errands though can be a serious time drain. Have you ever had to wait in line for a new product or to purchase a ticket?

A service such as TaskRabbit can allow someone else to stand in line for you, while you do something more productive (or fun).

Another great errand app: Postmates, when you need something delivered quick and locally.

Shyp, an app that allows you to take a picture of a package that needs to be shipped is also helpful. A courier will come to your home and ship the package for you.

2. Cooking

Cooking is a joy for many people but even people who enjoy cooking do not like the grocery shopping process. Going to a supermarket and locating the exact ingredients can be time-consuming and emotionally exhausting for many, especially after a long day at the office. Not to mention the long grocery lines.

At the same time, once the proper ingredients have been chosen, the food must be properly prepared. Various services now exist which eliminate or greatly reduce the time you spend making your daily meals.

Services such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron will deliver nutritious food directly to you along with cooking instructions. This eliminates the need to go hunting around grocery aisles and standing in line. You are given the exact number of ingredients based on the number of people you are cooking for which eliminates waste.

3. Laundry

Most professionals at some point get behind on their laundry. It's too easy of a chore to forget until you no longer have any clean clothes.

One very useful service called Red Hanger can get rid of this issue altogether. They will not only come and pick up your dirty clothes but deliver them back to you clean and neatly folded.

One Yelp customer states: 

"The only dry cleaner I've had that hasn't damaged or lost a single item. I can't say enough good things about them. They are very personable and friendly."

Red Hanger Testimonials

"Pat's location of Red Hanger is one of two Red Hanger's that I go to. I have taken my clothes to Pat's Red Hanger for about 6 years. Pat is a service champion. She asks me about my recent fishing trips and she is excellent under pressure. Sometimes there are people in the walk in lobby and in the drivethrough and Pat operates smoothly and effeciently. One time the power was out and she was still manually finding stuff on the rotating rack and billing people out seamlessly. I have never had a less than optimal experience here. Way to go Pat!" - Sam N., Salt Lake City

"Red Hanger is amazing!  They can get a stain out of anything, a brand new white shirt with chocolate all over the arm and they got it perfectly clean!  The staff is wonderful, they are amazing people that work there, so friendly, so helpful, kind and they truly care. Thank you Red Hanger!!" - Julie L., Glendale, AZ

"The first time I used this dry cleaner and a great little place. Everyone was super friendly the rates are very reasonable in the clothes came out perfect. A nice touch as they emailed me when they were done which was a day prior  due, super fast service! Highly recommend very professional business." - Pete B., Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I love this place.  I travel almost every week and often need same-day turnaround, they never let me down.  The manager Vanessa is awesome, and I echo the other reviewer regarding her ability to remember who you are, etc.  Big thumbs up.  

Thanks for getting my kids putty off my bathrobe :)" - Tim B., Salt Lake City

"I have used this particular Red Hanger for years. The staff, and Vanessa in particular, are wonderful. I drop off my red bag, come bag 24 hours later & it's all great!  They make minor repairs, replace buttons, and let me know if something is askew. Great service!" - Teresa G., Salt Lake City

4. House cleaning

Keeping a clean residence is a necessity but a huge time suck for most people. Most professionals don't want to set aside an entire morning or afternoon cleaning a bathroom and kitchen.

Enter Maid Right, the Uber of cleaning services. The owner/operators of Maid Right are independent cleaners who adhere to specific guidelines and a checklist set by Maid Right. If you are not satisfied in any way, the cleaners will return within twenty-four hours and rectify the situation at no cost to you.