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How Dressing Better Makes You More Confident And Successful

How Dressing Better Makes You More Confident And Successful

Clothes are powerful. Dressing better makes you feel better. There isn’t any doubt about that. Being naked has its own power too, but that’s a whole other topic to explore. Mark Twain once said ““Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Clothing as the old saying goes does make a man or woman. Time and time again we’ve seen how just the right look can transform someone.

When you put on just the right outfit, whether it’s a killer suit, gorgeous dress, or even a pair of your favorite skinny jeans that fit just right, they have the ability to take your from ordinary to extraordinary.

Clothes can even make you appear more confident and successful when worn the right way. This is especially true in high-powered business situations, either in or out of the office. Dress how you want to be perceived and it can even help you advance in life.



People judge other people. This is so very true in a work environment. The reason clothes matter is to be successful, you have to look the part. Dressing with confidence can somehow make you more confident. It’s just that simple.

Consider how you might dress for a job interview. You pull out all the stops, either donning a sharp well made suit as a man, or that amazing pair of Prada heels to go with your Celine pencil skirt, for a woman who knows how to influence minds with her clothing. People in positions of authority will notice when you look your best. When you aren’t dressed well, people will naturally assume that you are careless in other aspects of your life, like your work ethic.



Not only do others look at you as capable when you dress well, but you’ll think of yourself as powerful. Be on top of the world and able to do anything, when you wear the right clothing. Think of yourself as a brand and dress accordingly. This is advice given by Forbes Magazine, whose influence on the business world is well known.

Make sure that whatever you wear is fitted correctly. Keep your style up-to-date and always have confidence in what you wear. If you love how you’re dressed, chances are that other people will notice your bold attitude. Need assistance with some styling tips? Read our published blog post today. 


Michael Slepian of Columbia University and his research associates did five different studies on how formal clothing can affect thinking. They found through their work that clothing did in fact impact and influence cognition. Plus, it greatly influences how people and events were perceived.

You can easily apply the results of this study to workplace clothing in an office setting. Think about how you look at your co-workers. Do you notice when they are dressed especially well? You probably do. It’s just a natural inclination to give more importance to people who care about their appearance by dressing sharp. Even if it’s not true, it does make you think that the person who is dressed to the nines has everything together and going for them.



It’s not about money either, dressing well according to Vogue’s Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour, has never been easier because every high-end designer is “working for H&M and Target.” Great clothing is accessible on a level it's never been before.

With more and more offices going with a business casual style of dressing, it still makes sense to “dress for the job you want to have, not the one you do.” This makes a statement about what you think you are capable of doing in the future. Take care to dress well each and every time you step out of your home for that extra boost of confidence.


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