Five Budget Friendly Ways to Spend Your Valentine’s Day in Salt Lake City

When most people think of Valentine’s Day ideas, they tend to think about taking their loved ones on expensive dates. However, that does not have to be the case. It is still possible to take your girlfriend out on an inexpensive date that reminds them of how much you love them. In any case, it is the thought that matters when someone truly loves you. Choose a budget friendly valentine’s date idea from this list.

Visit the Bonneville Salt Flats

These salt flats comprise of 90% table salt are a fun getaway for Valentine’s Day. They are 5 miles wide and 12 miles long. The 30,000-acre stretch of a white salt crust is cheap and interesting for couples to spend time together. On this stretch of land that contains over 147 million tonnes of salt, visitors can drive as fast as they like for the adrenaline rush. Additionally, there are usually not many people on the salt flats. Best of all, there are no entry charges. The salt flats are very quiet; there are usually very few visitors to the salt flats. You can thus use the quietness of the salt flats, 120 miles west of Salt Lake City to reconnect with a loved one.

Use Coupons

Couples going out on their first date may not be comfortable about using coupons for restaurants or movies. However, couples that have been dating for a while can feel comfortable about doing it. It is a fun way for couples to acknowledge that they need to save money. If you have been fortunate to acquire some coupons, Valentine’s Day is a good time to use them. Additionally, you can use any coupons that you have acquired for attractions such as museums and concerts.

Do Some Good

Serving others on this special day reminds you that some people have nothing. As a result, you can appreciate the fact that you have each other. Giving back to the community in which you live always makes anyone feel good to be alive. The Salt Lake Rescue Mission is a great place to spend your Valentine’s Day. The appreciation you receive from helping the needy is worth more than any amount of money you can splash on a date.

Do Fun Things at Home

At times, the best dates are the ones that you spend at home. Simply invite another couple over to your house. Spend the night playing various games such as guessing games or other types of fun games. The two of you can choose to spend the night together playing board games. There are endless selections from which you can choose. However, this is only encouraged for couples that have been together for a significantly long time.

Go Ice Skating

The South Davis Recreation Center is a great way for you to spend you Valentine’s Day together. Not only will you have fun, but it is also an excellent way to stay fit. There are other fun things that couples can do together besides skating. There are friendly competitions held there each day. Bring your lover along on a skating experience that the both of you will enjoy. Have as much fun as you can, falling on the ice, and helping each other up. At the end of it all, visit the snack bar and order some drinks. It will be a cheap but memorable Valentine’s Day experience. Ensure that you record as much of the experience as you can on your phone.

It Is All About The Two of You

The point about Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the love that the two of you share as a couple. However, it has been turned into a day of spending lots of money, which should not be the case. It is the time that you remind each other that it is all about having fun and being with each other. You should not be worried because things have not been working out financially well for you thus far. As long as you have each other, you can still make some priceless memories. At the end of it all, remember to remind your loved one how much they mean to you and why you fell in love with them.