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FOOTHILL dry cleaning and laundry

Red Hanger Cleaners | FOOTHILL Drive, Salt Lake City

Foothill has been a Red Hanger store since 1990. Our manager, Vanessa Butcher, has been with us since 2011. And, Vanessa loves interacting with customers. In addition, she prides herself on providing honest, high-quality customer service and excellent, clean clothes. Lastly, we have a convenient drive-up window for in-car service at this location.  

Store Details

Red Hanger store since 1983.

1707 Foothill Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 7pm
Sunday: Closed

Moreover, if we’ve done a great job, or you would like to leave us feedback, please let us know by leaving a review.


Remember, stay clean and germ free with a laundry or dry cleaning account with Red Hanger. Also, we are a full service dry cleaner and laundry company with services that include but are not limited to apparel and housewares.


Table Linens

Pressed tablecloths and napkins enhance the dinner table for a special evening with friends and love ones. And, your beautiful evening or event is all in the details.


Wedding Gowns

Let us help your wedding plans by making sure your dress looks perfect for that special day. In fact, after the wedding we can clean the dress again and preserve it in an acid-free, air tight Treasure Chest.


Draperies & Rugs

In addition, rugs, drapes, chunky bedspreads, down pillows, sleeping bags, afghans and other large household items should be cleaned professionally. Moreover, let us pick up and deliver.



Whether your shoes need new soles, new heels, a stretch, a cleaning, or just a shine, you will be impressed with the quality work done to make your appearance that much better. Also, we clean Birkenstocks and UGG Boots!

PPE Masks Cleaned Free Everyday

Also, you can clean up to 5 masks for free each time you visit Red Hanger Cleaners. Remember, this service is also with your free pick up and delivery.

free mask cleaning

Red Hanger Cleaners Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City Guarantee Policy

Overall, Red Hanger Cleaners is a locally owned family-run business that is dedicated to the well being of our communities and the well-being of our beautiful Utah.

  • Firstly, your clothes are clean
  • And, your clothes smell fresh
  • Also, they are pressed
  • In addition, they are done on time
  • They have all their buttons
  • Lastly, your clothes will not be lost
  • Guaranteed
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First, convenience to our communities.

Second, loyalty to our customers.

Third, care for our earth. 


Furthermore, from cleaning shoelaces to mattresses, our knowledge base is full of laundry hacks, helpful tips and full-on secrets.



Overall, Red Hanger Cleaners has exceeded expectations in laundry and dry cleaning for over 40 years.


They've done excellent work for me since I started going there a few months ago. Very friendly and jobs were completed on time.
Harper Muir
16:25 13 Oct 21
I have brought a few items into Red Hanger and am so incredibly impressed with their quick turnaround time, cheap prices, and excellent service. I brought in my incredibly soiled wedding dress, and they were able to clean it all for... wait for it... $33!! I couldn't believe it when I got the bill. They also cleaned my husbands wedding suit, shirt, and pocket square for ~$25. He left his vows in his suit pocket and they put it in a little keepsake baggie for us when they returned the item. As an additional bonus, they also deliver to our door for free. I truly cannot recommend this company enough!
Christina Woodworth
21:41 12 Oct 21
Red Hanger is able to do a great job of cleaning with a quick turn around time. I also appreciate the drive up service and convenient location. The clerks were wonderful as well.
Sara Robinson
19:53 19 Sep 21
I was grateful when I walked into the store that they help me get set up with the app and delivery which is just so easy. The shirts look great and the delivery was quick. This is very convenient!
Angela Jewell
17:15 25 Aug 21
They are reliable and very timely. They pick up and drop off when they’re supposed to. It’s been a godsend during this past year. If we ever have a question or issue they are very responsive and helpful.
16:24 21 Jul 21
I brought my wedding dress to them - it has lots of sequins and beads sewn on it - after a photos hoot in the dirt that left the bottom/train rather muddy and dusty. I was concerned about lots of beads coming off, but I didn't notice any and the dress looks as good as new! Very impressed with them! Oh, and it was about $183 if you're thinking about bringing a beaded/sequined wedding dress to them.
Bonnie Wright
17:51 10 Jun 21
They did a wonderful job on our urine-spoiled comforter (because kittens). Thank you for getting out the mess! However, the delivery and communication was very slow. We were told it would be ready in a few days, but received it 7 days later. On day 5 we had called and were told it hadn't even been started yet.
Dyana Thurgood
16:47 12 May 21
The Foothill Red Hanger Cleaners is awesome. Vanessa, the store manager, is courteous, kind, knowledgeable & provides amazing customer service. The pick up and delivery service has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. Thank you for the many years of great service!
T Garrett
21:30 14 Apr 21
I LOVE Red Hanger Dry Cleaners ❤️ I put my bag on the porch by 8:00 am on Tuesday and it’s back on my porch on Friday (or reverse Friday to Tuesday). I have never had an issue. I even sent my king size bedspread, down comforter and pillow covers (which didn’t fit in the bag but the driver helped me put it in the truck). This took a week but no worries. Highly recommended company ?
Kim Plautz
00:11 01 Apr 21
I needed a suit dry cleaned very same day, this was a Friday at 11am all the other places I called said I was too late and I couldn’t have done until Monday, This place saved me Not only where able to do it same day it was done by 3pm!!! Great service and super fast!! Recommend!!!!!!
Miriam Ortiz
16:10 27 Mar 21
Been using this service for 10+yrs. They pick up and drop off at our work and/or home. Super convenient. Tried others and keep coming back. Value and quality is the deciding factor.
Jon Stones
16:22 17 Mar 21
Super easy to create an account and even easier to drop off clothing to dry-clean. They had all 7 pieces of wool/silk/cashmere/angora blended clothing ready under 24 hours.Absolutely can’t wait to go again!
I. R.
17:13 09 Jan 21

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