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Curtain and Drapery Care: Protecting Your Investment

Curtains and draperies serve a number of useful purposes.  They provide the important element of personal privacy while serving as a decorative expression of individual personality, taste and style. Their insulating qualities also help regulate temperature, light, and acoustics, all of which contribute to customizing your living environment for maximum comfort.  The right window coverings…

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5 Ways to Keep Athletic Uniforms in Winning Condition

Athletes and their families know all too well that sports uniforms present a unique cleaning challenge.  Not only are they expensive, but they are subjected to a different kind of wear and tear than everyday clothes, and come with their own brand of stains and odors.  Dirty uniforms can also potentially harbor mold, fungus, or…

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Kick Winter to the Curb: 5 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

For the most of us, March means that Spring is just around the corner.  Temperatures are warming up, flowers are starting to bloom, and you know that it’s time to get your household ready for the upcoming year.   Spring cleaning can seem to be a massive undertaking, but don’t let this dreaded task get your…

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