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Can I Dry Clean my Tie?


A suit or tuxedo really comes together with a tie or a bow tie, especially if the tie is made of high quality fabric. Adding a tie can give a suit an entirely different look based on the color and texture of the fabric chosen. So what happens if you spill something on your tie like food or juice? Is it something that you can clean at home? Below, we will take a closer look at while it is best to dry clean ties.

So.. Should I Dry Clean My Tie? 

Dry clean tie

Absolutely, and honestly, dry cleaning is the best option for removing any stains. If the suit tie or bow tie is high quality it is probably made of fabrics and materials that do not respond well to water. Fabrics, such as silk, should always be dry cleaned. When water is used to clean silk the fabric has a tendency to stretch and shrink. Additionally, water can cause certain dyes that are used in silk garments to run or discolor resulting in a damaged suit tie.

How is Dry Cleaning Different?

Unlike a traditional washing machine at home that uses water, dry cleaning does not use water as the main solvent. Instead, a petroleum based chemical is used in the process. This is because several materials respond better to the chemical. When a tie is dry cleaned the solvent is applied to clean the tie. 

Once the tie is cleaned the solvent is extracted to be used again on other materials.The tie is dried and pressed pressed and ready for the customer to take home. The cleaning process is more gentle and will keep your high quality suit ties looking sharp.

I have a stain, what should I do?

The first thing is to check the manufacture's tag on the tie. If the tie is a dry clean only item it is best to take the tie to a professional dry cleaner to attend to the stain. In the immediate time frame be sure to blot the stain to remove any excess liquid from the tie. It is important to always blot with a clean, white towel or napkin. Blotting will contain the stain whereas wiping or rubbing can cause the stain to spread or move deeper into the fabric. Be sure to use a white towel to prevent any colors from spreading from the towel to the tie. The most important factor for removing a stain from delicate materials is time. Make sure to get your tie to be dry cleaned as quickly as possible. The less time the stain has to sit on the tie the better the chance of successfully removing the stain. 

Stained tie? Confusion over tags? Contact Red Hanger and we'd be happy to help out! Don't forget, we offer FREE scheduled pickup and drop off services! And, be sure to check out our blog post "Top 3 Tips For Buying Business Clothing" to learn more about what pairs perfectly with a tie. 


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