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Different Types Of Hangers For Your Clothes

Different Types Of Hangers For Your Clothes


There's a variety of hangers that you can use when hanging up your clothing garments in your closet. Do you use wire? Wooden? Velvet, or plastic? Or, maybe you have a mix of them all for your clothes! Unless you work in the fashion or retail clothing industry, there’s a good chance you don’t give much thought to the type of clothes hangers you use on a daily basis. 

It may surprise you to learn that it does actually matter what type you use. Depending on the specific type of garment, the hanger can either make or break its longevity. Therefore, it is important to understand what's best to use for your clothes.

Wooden Hangers

Wood overall provides better support your clothes and are able to maintain that essential shoulder-mirroring shape over long periods. Wood will hold your most valuable items while in storage without misshaping the collars of your shirts or stretching suits and most-loved blouses. Because wood is more durable than plastic or wire, they will support your clothes better. There's no need to worry about your clothes falling off the hanger.

Usually, wooden hangers are wider compared to other hangers and are able to  hold their shape. Another benefit that wooden hangers have is that depending on the type of wood used, it can also serve as a pest repellent!

wooden hangers


Metal hangers are much sturdier compared to other hangers and won't bend; keeping your garment structure intact. Also, metal has stronger design, which allows for storage of heavier items such as winter coats, jackets, and jeans. In addition, metal tends to look much nicer than wire and plastic.

Although, the only negative aspect to this type of hanger is that they are not as widely sold in stores and usually need to be special ordered. Also, they tend to cost a bit more money compared to other hangers. 

metal hanger


Velvet hangers for starters, look much nicer than wire and plastic hangers. Along with this, they offer special design features like notches that keep clothing with straps secured. Your garments are less likely to slip off when hung up with a velvet hanger or wrinkle. Velvet can also work well for cotton garments since they do not leave points in the shoulders.

velvet hangers

Satin/Fabric Hangers

Satin/Fabric are also great for all your delicate clothing. However, they are ultimately used for various kinds of garments. Additionally, they include a  padding which supports the longevity of your garments further.

The contoured padding prevents damage and creases to clothing. These fabric-padded hangers are available in multiple different colors of your choice and design options that are ideal for special outfits, delicate dresses, and materials that are prone to creasing. In addition, satin looks very elegant in your closet!

If you would like to learn more information on picking out the best hangers for your clothing garments, contact Red Hanger today! We are here to help. 


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