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Dry Cleaning

How it Works

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Your clothes are washed in a non-water based eco-friendly solution.

Clothes are Dried & Pressed

After cleaning, the clothes go through an extraction process to remove the cleaning solution and dried so they are ready to be pressed.

Clothes are Inspected & Delivered

Clothes are inspected before packaging them so they are ready for your pick-up at your store, or for free delivery to your home or office.

We offer free pickup and delivery

Fast and easy
3 day turn-around*

Why Should I Dry Clean?

Remove stains, oils, and odors to keep your clothes looking and smelling like new!

No loss of color

No loss of texture

No shrinkage

Remove persistent odors

Remove deep stains and oils


What is Dry Cleaning?

How We Remove Stains