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Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Red Hanger does laundry everyday

For a limited time, Red Hanger can provide 1 month free laundry service thanks to a grant by Shop Utah!

Thanks for shopping local. 

Did you know that Red Hanger provides everyday - wash, dry, fold - laundry service? For a quick clean up, it is an easy add on to your dry cleaning errands. Or, for a weekly clean sweep, enjoy free pick up delivery with our laundry subscription.



  1. Create your Profile
  2. Receive your bright green laundry bag.
  3. Leave your laundry visible on the porch.
  4. We offer free pick up and delivery with fast 3 day turn around.
  •  Note: if you already have an account with Red Hanger, that's ok! Create your laundry profile and we will merge your accounts in our office.
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 What do you wash?

Red Hanger offers wash and fold services for anything that you don’t need pressed or that does not required dry cleaning.

Include items such as t-shirts, workout clothes, whites, brights, floor mats, towels, sheets, anything that can fit into your laundry bag. One way to think about it is, do you want your clothes to come back on hangers or not? If not, throw it into your laundry bag!

Beware! We sort your laundry by color but we assume that if you put it in the green bag you want it washed and folded. Make sure you put your dry cleaning items into your yellow dry cleaning bag.

When will my laundry bag arrive?

We‘ll get you your bright green wash and fold bag as soon as you create your profile.

Expect it to arrive within 48 hours. At that point, load up your bag and toss it out on the porch.

Which days are my pick up and delivery days?

Depending on where you live, your service days with either be Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

  • Whatever we pick up on Monday we return on Thursday. Whatever we pick up on Thursday we return on Monday.
  • Whatever we pick up on Tuesday we will return on Friday. Whatever we pick up on Friday we return on Tuesday.

Why do I have to leave my phone number on file?

When you create your profile, we ask for your phone number so that we can send you a text the night before to know whether or not we should pick up your laundry. This is how you let us know if you need us to stop by. We are always trying to be environmental friendly, so the less driving we do the better.

Why should I use a professional cleaner for everyday laundry?

Our commercial grade technology disinfects and sanitizes your everyday laundry like nothing you can get at home.

We remove stains, oils, odors and germs while retaining color, shape, size, texture and all the other thinks you love about brand new clothes.

It is fast and easy and with a 3 day turn around, your couch, dinner table or bedroom floor will never be piled with laundry again!

Laundry Service is also a great gift for college students, the elderly, new mothers, bereavement periods and times of sickness. Need to send laundry service to a loved on or a friend? Create an account on their behalf here.


Red Hanger Cleaners is a locally owned family-run business that is dedicated to the well being of our communities and the well-being of our beautiful Utah.



From cleaning shoelaces to mattresses, our knowledge base is full of laundry hacks, helpful tips and full-on secrets.