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The Top 4 Ways To Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall

The Top 4 Ways To Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall

You finally have to accept that fall is here. Leaves are changing color and it’s beginning to feel a little cooler outside. Since you know fall is inevitably coming, you can pull out that box of sweaters saved for weather that gives you the goosebumps.

Wear long sleeves with maxi dresses or under short sleeve shirts

Just because it’s getting a little cooler outside doesn’t mean that you have to put your summer clothes away immediately. If you enjoy summer clothing and aren’t ready for it to go away yet, think of how you can reinvent your favorite outfits by pairing short sleeve shirts with long sleeve undershirts. The difference in texture can bring more richness to your outfits. Plus dressing your clothes up in this way really jazzes up something that could be plain. Take the transition period from summer to fall as a time to create unique color palettes out of these pairings.

Revive flattened and odd smelling clothes at the cleaners


You know that funny smell that comes with storing your clothes for a while? Moths, bugs, and stale air care give no special treatment to your favorite pair of sweatpants. If your clothes survived this far into the year without developing holes, give them the best freshening up by treating them to the cleaners. Let a professional revive your clothing and bring them back up to the quality level they should be at. For all of the clothes that didn’t make the cut because they’re too worn or dated, consider selling them on eBay, at a garage sale, or at a thrift shop.

Trade up the clothes you don’t wear

So you’re going through your clothes and you come across a few numbers you haven’t worn in a while. Maybe the clothes are perfectly fine but no longer your taste. Sell those clothes and buy fall gear that you know you’ll be wearing throughout the fall and into the winter. What you may not want anymore could be lovely for someone else and vice versa. Consider taking the clothes you buy at used clothing stores and having them professionally cleaned to spruce them up and enjoy wearing them more. Use the steam press services to get wrinkled suits and blazers looking pristine. You may be surprised at how appealing your clothes become after being professionally serviced.

Play by your own rules

Sometimes the most refreshing outfits are the one’s you’re not supposed to wear. Who says you can’t wear white after labor day and shorter skirts are not for the fall? What if you’re still feeling bright and cheery and you’re not ready to dress in dark colors yet? Never forget that the clothes you choose to wear are really an expression of your personality. You don’t have to lose sight of that if the way you feel like dressing doesn’t completely match the season. Pick your pattern, wear your bold colors, and take transition seasons as a time to play with your wardrobe more than normal. Be yourself whether that means wearing a dark chocolate or bright orange colored coat. 

Be creative with your summer clothing and mashup summer and fall clothes as you please. If the mood strikes, clean house and find clothes that no longer suit you to sell. You can always take the funds and buy clothes to help transition you into the fall. Take dusty old jackets and sweaters and get them ready for holiday parties with dry cleaning or steam cleaning done by pros. You may be surprised at the many ways you find to continue wearing your summer pieces into the fall.


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