Why You Should Dry Clean Your Blankets And Comforters


If you’re like most people, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that your home environment is as clean and attractive as possible. Comforters and blankets of your home can be considered as design items as well, which are used to make the rooms of your house look more elegant. Most homeowners in the country invest plenty of money when buying blankets and comforters

You probably run your quilts, comforters, and blankets through your washing machine on a regular basis in order to keep them clean and help keep dust mites down. However, evidence shows that dry cleaning actually is a better option for household bedding items. Following are just five of the many reasons why homeowners should consider using the services of a professional dry cleaner.

1. Makes Your Bedding Look & Feel Better

At its very best, bedding doesn’t just keep you warm — it’s an essential part of your home decor.

Being put through a traditional wringer-type washing machine and then tumbled for an hour or more in a hot dryer weakens fiber, which leads to the development of rips, tears, holes and snags as well as causes fading and other discoloration. The spin cycle in the washing machine also stretches bedding out and results in an uneven look.

Dry cleaned bedding retains a new appearance for far longer than its machine washed and dried counterparts.

Also, keep in mind that comforters and quilts often contain materials such as velvet, silk, and satin that should never be washed in water. Wool blankets or those made with large amounts of wool will also suffer if washed in water and tumble dried in hot air.


2. Won’t Shrink Your Bedding

Another drawback of using a washer and dryer to clean and dry your bedding is that shrinkage inevitably develops due to the high temperatures required to do a proper Job. Using the cold water cycle in the washing machine prevents the material from shrinking, but it also fails to get the object as clean as it should be. It is almost impossible to get quilts and blankets dry while using the low heat setting on a conventional dryer.

Hanging them outside to dry on an old-fashioned clothesline can take several days before they are thoroughly dry, which leaves the material vulnerable to infestations of mold and mildew colonies.

pillows and bedsheets

3. Gets Your Bedding Cleaner

Dry cleaning cleans the fabric of bedding down to fiber level, removing all dirt, dust, and assorted debris as well as removes stains.

You can’t see it, but your comforter gets dirtier every night. Everyone loses moisture in their sleep by sweating. On top of that, skin flakes come off while you toss & turn. House dust mites survive on your skin flakes and live in your bed sheets, comforters, & pillows. Therefore, it is important to have your comforters (and pillows) cleaned professionally every once in a while.

Washing machines often aren’t able to remove much more than surface dirt and often accomplish little more than simply sloshing to dirt and debris around in the water — these items are often too bulky for the average rinse cycle to be able to do its job.

4. Saves Your Home Appliances

Blankets, quilts, and comforters are generally too heavy and bulky for traditional home laundry appliances to handle on a regular basis — and even just one washing can seriously damage a washing machine if a heavy load somehow becomes unbalanced. Many people take their bedding to a laundromat that has commercial washing machines in order to save wear and tear on their own appliances, but this approach has many drawbacks.

Despite their purpose, laundromats are not clean places, and in certain areas, you’ll have to watch your items closely to ensure they don’t disappear.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the benefits of using a dry cleaning service for bedding items.

5. Quick Process

Professional dry cleaners are able to efficiently clean your comforters and blankets and return them back to you within the preset deadline. If you want to clean your blankets or comforters within a single day, then hire one day dry cleaners for the job. They will work as quickly as they can, yet making sure that they handle your precious clothing items gently and with due care to bring out the desired results. This way you will save time and work, even because sometimes you have to put your bedding in two full cycles in order to have them completely cleaned.