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Top 3 Tips For Cleaning Outdoor & Patio Furniture

There are quick, easy, and cheap ways to keep your outdoor and patio furniture as clean as new. These include the purchase of very inexpensive store-bought items that will please those who may figure that spending hundreds of dollars on high-quality patio and outdoor furnishings also means spending exorbitant amounts on special cleaning products. That…

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Top 3 Tips to Save Kid’s Clothes From Kid’s Art

Everyone knows kids are naturally messy and kids with art supplies in their hands can be disastrous for their clothing. Parents and caregivers can relax and enjoy their little artists’ projects with these tips to help rescue the outfit and child with their new art supply stains. As with all little emergencies, it is important…

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How To Make Your Prom Dress Last Forever

You spent weeks scouring shopping malls and designer boutiques to find the perfect prom dress. Then you went to the dance and had the time of your life. If you’re like most girls, you hope to have a chance to someday wear that fabulous dress again, or at least keep it as a fancy souvenir.…

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