3 Tips for Quickly Removing Stains


Sometimes you get a stain that you have to remove quickly but…

  1. You’re in no place to do so
  2. You have no stain remover handy
  3. You’re in a major rush

Here’s a few tips for removing stains in a pinch:

Club Soda, our dear friend..

If you’re out on the town, you won’t believe what you can use in the moment to treat the stain until you can take care of it with more serious means: club soda. Near a supermarket, or at a restaurant where you can order some? It does wonders for treating the stain before you get it into a washing machine. At home, if you find yourself short of strong stain-treating stuff, you can mix your own with lemon juice and cream of tartar.

Use hydrogen peroxide for blood

You’ve just cut yourself, and once you make sure you’re okay and properly treated, even if it’s minor, how do you treat the stain in a hurry? You can use something we usually have handy in the kitchen when a cut happens: table salt. Just run the stain under water, sprinkle with salt, and then rub the salt into the stain with the other half, and then throw in the washer as soon as you can, laundering as you usually do.

The dreaded grease spot

Doesn’t it feel like grease spots can be the hardest to get rid of? And in many ways, they’re the most visible of stains, darkening the article of clothing in that telltale way that makes you look like you don’t have any napkins at home. To cure the grease spot, sprinkle cornstarch on it. That’s right, cornstarch. Let it soak up that grease for a few minutes and then be amazed as you brush the stain out.