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How To Clean Velvet Fabric

How To Clean Velvet Fabric

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Velvet is a type of fabric that we are immediately drawn to when shopping for apparel. Velvet shirts and dresses are super stylish to wear all year long. However, it's important to know how to keep your most-loved velvet fabrics clean. Especially if you have a stain on them. Keep reading to learn how to care for and clean your velvet fabrics. 

Caring for velvet fabrics 

When your velvet garment becomes stained because of food or body oils/odors, it's best advised to bring your garment to a professional dry cleaners to undergo professional cleaning. Dry cleaning overall protects the velvet fabric from the exterior to the interior of the garment.

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Removing Odors From Velvet Fabrics

Hanging up your garment over a bathtub filled with hot water is the best way to remove unwanted odors from your garment. These odors may consist of food spices or cigarette smoke. The steam from the bathroom will allow the unwanted odors on your velvet clothing to eventually vanish.

First, allow the steam to penetrate the fabric for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Then, allow the velvet garment to air dry at room temperature. It is best advised to use a padded hanger in order to prevent shoulder marks from being left on your garment. Read our latest blog post titled “Different Types Of Hangers For Your Clothes” to learn more about choosing the perfect hanger for your velvet clothing. 

Removing Stains From Velvet Fabrics

If a spill or a stain happens to occur on your velvet fabric, use a dull-edged knife or the edge of a credit card to lift away any solids that may appear. Next, use a plain white cloth to gently blot any any liquid residue. Never rub or attempt to clean the stains with any random cleaning product. Instead, heading to your local dry cleaners will allow your velvet garments to receive the best results and undergo cleaning methods that will allow the garment to look as good as new. 

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Ironing Velvet Fabrics

Normally, it is best advised to never iron velvet clothing. However, steaming is the best option! Ironing tends to crush the pile of extra fibers on your velvet clothing and leaves a permanent imprint. Ironing can ultimately do damage to the velvet fabric.

Needle boards are the best way to achieve professional-looking flat seams in your velvet fabrics. When using, lay your velvet garment nap-side down on the stainless steel needles. A needle board prevents the pile of velvet or velveteen from being crushed. The needle board's covered in tiny stainless steel crooked pins about 1cm high which can burrow into the velvet pile and retain the pile as is.

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Steaming Velvet Fabrics

Steaming velvet clothing removes all wrinkles from the fabric. To start, hang your velvet garments from a shower rod and move the steamer up and down the garment slowly. Do this approximately 1/2 inch from the garment. However, never hold the steamer too close to the garment or remain in one spot for a long period of time or you will end up damaging the material. Steam will help remove unwanted odors as well as unwanted creases that come from sitting down for long periods of time while wearing your velvet garment. Always steam on the wrong side of the fabric only. Overall, never allow your velvet garment to become too wet.

After steaming the garment, give the fibers a light brushing with a soft bristled clothes brush to remove any unwanted lint on the garment. However, if your velvet clothing piece is still wrinkled, it’s best advised to bring it to your local dry cleaners to undergo professional cleaning.  


Storing Velvet Fabrics

Hanging up your clothing as opposed to folding is a must! Folding your velvet clothing results in creases that are difficult to remove. Although, if you still choose to fold your velvet clothing, pad the folds with acid-free tissue paper to prevent creases. Next, use a sturdy, padded hanger to prevent shoulder marks on your garment. 

Cover the shoulders of the garment with easy-to-wash cotton fabric such as a bed sheet or a pillowcase in order to protect the velvet from acquiring unwanted dust and dirt. For long-term storage, always use a breathable, washable fabric storage bag, preferably cotton. Never use plastic bags when storing your velvet clothing. Plastic can trap moisture that can damage fibers and cause mildew growth. Store all velvet clothing in a cool, dry area that does not have huge temperature swings or receive a lot of sunlight. 

Have questions in regards to how to properly clean and care for your velvet fabrics? Feel free to contact Red Hanger today. We are here to help!

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