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Read This Before You Buy Another Sweater

Read This Before You Buy Another Sweater

Did you know that there are multiple different tips and tricks that you can follow when it comes to taking care of your sweaters? Sweaters are an amazing clothing garment to keep in your closets, however, they require some effort and maintenance. Sweaters can make you look good but they can also make you look really bad all depending on how care for them. 


You know when your favorite sweater starts to develop small, firm balls of lint? These firm balls of lint and fluff are referred to as "Pills."

Pilling occurs when fibers or yarns on your sweater garment tangle, break or mat together, making the overall texture of the sweater very rough and unattractive looking. 

Here at Red Hanger, we are able to get your sweaters professionally cleaned, blocked and de-pilled!

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Optical Illusion 

Sometimes it can be a bit deceiving when you see ads of sweaters arranged so perfectly on T.V. in bright lighting, or when you walk into a store and see the models in pictures wearing the sweater and making it look amazing. But then, when you put it on it looks big and baggy. 

However, something as simple as rolling up the sleeves of your sweater or tucking one side of the sweater in can create asymmetrical hems. This will create a dark and a light aspect which will overall create visual interest. Now, something that was once a plain big sweater is telling a story and giving off a new look and vibe. 

Human nature is always drawn to look at things that are interesting to the eye and anytime you wear light and dark shades, it immediately becomes interesting to look at. There are so many different unique ways to style your sweaters so that they can fit your body perfectly and make you look amazing!

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Drop Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder look has become so popular due to the fact that when you put the sweater on, it makes you look a little bit smaller in a way since the sweater itself is practically hanging off of you. 

There are so many combinations of sweaters that have great texture, color and neckline that are going to look amazing on you and fit your body perfectly. 

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​Not only is it important to take an inventory on what colors look good on you, but what textures as well! The easiest and most effective way to bring your natural beauty center stage is to apply contrast to your look. For example, contrasting your hair texture with your sweaters will make you look amazing!

If you are someone who has dark brown hair, wearing a light sweater will contrast with your hair color. On the other hand, blonde hair contrasts very well with a high pigment sweater and sleek hair looks amazing with a chunky knit sweater. 

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Fitted Sweater

Going for sweaters that are body conscious can make you stand out and look more flattering to ones eye. Wearing a fitted sweater with a really beautiful and unique detail with a one-shoulder look can throw the symmetry off a bit, making your body look more petite. This is because you are drawing the eye up and away with a one shoulder sweater look. 

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Sweater Maintenance 

In order to give your sweaters a longer life, it is important to take good care of them! For starters, allowing your sweaters to be professionally cleaned during the cold and chilly months allows them to undergo the proper care and maintenance that they need!

A sweater that has a professionally clean and polished look with no pilling will allow you to glow and look your best self!



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