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What You Need To Know About Jeans

What You Need To Know About Jeans

No woman wants to walk around wearing a pair of bad fitting jeans. So, what makes a good pair of jeans, well, good? It's important to understand that not all jeans styles are suited for every single body type. However, purchasing the right pair of jeans will make your body look amazing in every way possible. Let's talk more in depth about what to look out for and be aware of for the next time you're shopping for a new pair of jeans. 

Body Shape

Once you are able to have a full understanding of what your specific body type is, the easier it will be to understand what jeans style will fit you best.

A low-rise pair of jeans for example, fall a few inches below your belly button at your hips. If you are a very tall and slender women who is looking to add more feminine curves to your figure, then a low-rise jean can make your hips look curvier, while lengthening your torso to balance out long leg’s.

High-rise jeans, also known as high-waist jeans, sit at your natural waist, around your belly button. If your figure is very curvy from the back, then a pair of high-waisted jeans is best for you. Also, if you have an hourglass body shape, then high-waisted jeans are a great fit for you, because they accentuate your narrow waist and help trim more defined looking hip’s.

Understanding all the different styles of jeans and wearing specific style jeans that fir your body shape will provide a balance to your body figure so you look amazing!

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Did you know that there are over 10 styles of jeans that are specifically designed for women? It can definitely be super difficult and confusing when it comes to understanding what type of jeans style matches your body shape and figure the best. A few different types of jeans include, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, straight jeans,  bootcut jeans, flare jeans, low rise jeans, high-waist jeans/high-rise jeans and so many more. 

It's important to understand your body shape and to pay close attention to jeans that sit low on your hips or high on your waist. If your jeans do not fit right on your hips or waist, then you will most likely never feel comfortable in your jeans. High-waisted jeans are the perfect examples to achieve this specific look. Jeans that fall right on your hips will only make them look more square and flattering. 

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While darker color jeans make for a more slimmer look, lighter color jeans on the other hand tend to make things naturally look bigger.

If you are someone who is very tall and thin, then a dark washed colored jeans with a light center will allow you to keep your figure and appearance.

However, if you are someone who has a more curvy shaped body, then wearing a dark washed colored jeans with a light center will make extra curves on your body highlighted and doubled in size just by the white wash color going down the center of the jeans. 

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You know when you are in a store and you hold a pair of jeans up directly in front of your face to get an idea of the size of it? Whenever you do this, the jeans always tend to look bigger than they really are. In order to see if a pair of jeans is going to fit you, a trick that you can do is to wrap the jeans around your neck and by doing this, determine if they are going to fit your waist! If there is any extra slack, then you know the jeans will be big for your waist. If the waistline of the jeans comfortable meets the back of your neck, then the jeans will fit you.  If you can’t get the jeans to touch around your neck, then you will know that the jeans will be a tight fit around your waist and you can then size up. 

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Every pair of jeans usually includes a type of plastic that is not a fabric. This plastic is what makes your jeans stretchy and the minute you toss your jeans into the dryer, you will burn right through this plastic. After putting your jeans into the dryer, they are going to look super baggy once you take them out and put them on.

The professionals here at Red Hanger work with the latest technology equipment and have years of experience in order to ensure your jeans will look good as new once properly washed, dried, and maintained. Need to get your jeans and other related clothing garments professionally cleaned? Contact Red Hanger today! We are here to deliver the best possible results for each and every one of your clothing items!

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