Caring For Summer Clothes


Caring for summer clothes is super important, especially when you are using specific products on your body during the hot and sunny days. People tend to use seasonal products such as sunscreen and suntan lotion that can believe it or not, can damage your summer clothing. Let’s take a closer look at a few quick tips to keep in mind when it comes to caring caring for summer clothes.

Deodorant On Summer Clothes

Not only does deodorant cause fiber damage and yellowing on clothing garments, but it can also weaken the fibers in cotton, linen, rayon, and some synthetic blends, leaving holes during the cleaning process.

Garment Care:

Avoid overuse of the deodorant and allow it to always dry before putting your shirt on. Always wash or dry clean  garments as soon as possible.


Suntan Lotion/Sunscreen On Summer Clothes

Sunscreen is a naturally oily product, and it contains a chemical called avobenzone. Furthermore, avobenzone is a key ingredient that is used in most sunscreen product. In addition, when avobenzone mixes with chemicals in salt water or chlorine,  it can lead to yellowish and dark-brown marks on your clothes. This color loss or change may not appear until after your clothes have already been cleaned.

The overall purpose of self-tanners is to “stain” your skin so you look more darker or tanner. Most tanning lotions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is a color additive, that colors your skin. That same additive can stain your clothes or any fabric it touches when in a wet form. Therefore, it is essential to focus on caring for your summer clothes when using self-tanning lotions.

Self-tanners will discolor any clothing garment that they get into contact with if you don’t take precautions. Light tan, brown, or yellow staining on the cuffs, color fold, neckband, and upon button areas are common areas to see stains.

Garment Care:

Washing your hands immediately after following application of self tanners is important. Also, always allow your skin time to dry completely before getting dressed. If the product gets on your clothes, wash them as soon as possible because these stains can be difficult to remove if not taken care of immediately. Furthermore, if you are unable to remove these stains, be sure to bring in your clothing garments to Red Hanger in order to get ahead of your clothes staining.

Avoid staining on your garments by allowing the lotions and spray products to dry before putting your clothes on and always wash your hands as well. This is the number one thing to do when focusing on caring for summer clothes after applying sunscreen.


Caring For Summer Clothes When Wearing Swimsuits

Chlorine in pools, Jacuzzi’s, spas, and hot tubs can damage the spandex in swimwear and make the material weak. All lace, silk, and beaded swimsuit fabrics must stay out of the dryer, the elasticity of swimwear can become destroyed by excessive heat. Lay the swimsuits flat to dry preferably on a drying rack. 

Garment Care:

Rinse your swimsuit with cold water in the tub after wearing it and always follow the care label’s instructions on the garment. Also, be sure to always hang your swimsuits up to dry rather than applying excessive amounts of heat from the drying machine or a blow dryer.


Caring For Your Summer Clothes With Red Hanger

It’s essential to get all of your summer clothes cleaned professionally, especially when using products such as sunscreen and suntan lotion.

We do the cleaning for all your garments right here with safe and eco-friendly detergents. Contact us today to learn more about our services.