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Dressing Warm In The Winter

Dressing Warm In The Winter


It's true, dressing warm in the winter time can definitely be a great hassle at times. The bulky weight of winter clothes tends to make people want to curl up in a ball and fall asleep. Also, it's super important to keep your core (torso area), head and feet warm which will work together to keep your entire body warm and comfortable. Follow our guide to have your ideal winter wardrobe capsule to prepare for the cool and windy days. 

Winter Tops

  • Wearing a skin-tight camisole tank top allows your body to have a little extra warmth prior to wearing clothing on top.
  • In addition, thin base-layer tops are used to trap heat and wick away all added moisture onto your skin. 
  • Wool sweaters and cardigans add extra warmth to your body.
  • Along with this, flannel shirts are great for when you want to take off your warm sweaters and layers. 
  • A thin down vest allows for your core to not only be warm, but also for your arms to have more freedom. 

Remember, always wash or dry clean  winter garments to keep them clean and fresh. 

Winter Sweater

Winter Bottoms

  • A thin pair of wool socks is perfect for keeping your feet warm.
  • When it's really cold, a pair of leggings to go under your jeans or sweatpants will give you an extra layer of warmth.
  • Moreover, stretch jeans are a style of jeans made of stretch denim fabric and are paired perfectly with leggings underneath.
  • Winter boots or a pair of hiking boots provide extra warm and comfort for your feet. Wearing a pair of moccasins is great for the indoors. 
winter socks

Winter Jackets

  • Long down puffer jackets are super cozy and stylish for the wintertime. A jacket with a detachable hood is great for the days you don't need a hood on your jacket.
  • Furthermore, anorak jackets are hooded pullover jackets originally made of fur and worn in the Arctic, now made of any weather-resistant fabric.
  • Packable down jackets, also known as a puffer jacket, is perfect for cold season travel. It keeps you warm, cozy, it's easy to layer, and it's also super lightweight.
Winter Jackets

Winter Accessories

  • Beanies are the perfect option to keep your head warm during the cold winter days.
  • Thin gloves are the perfect choice for days when it is chilly outside, but not snowing.
  • A wool- Cashmere or Merino scarf is perfect for keeping warm. 
Winter Accessories


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